3 Best Climbing and Camping Kits – Such a Luxury!


Over 19% of US climbers die annually from hiking and climbing accidents

Recently, a young girl lost her life on a camping trip on May 2017 at Red Top Mountain Park in Atlanta. The statistics related to this present a more worrying situation. Thankfully, studies have shown that quite a huge number of these accidents are caused by lack of proper camping and climbing supplies. Often through the clutter, climbers and people going for a camping trip tend to ignore the important gems they ought to take note of. To avoid becoming one of these statistics, a rescue victim, and a fatality is important to always ensure you have all the necessary camping and climbing supplies. At this point, you are probably thinking of ‘ which are this camping supplies?’ Well, if you are still on the fence, then you have come to the right place.

wholesale hunting supplies

Recommended supplies

If you want to stand better chances of enjoying your climbing trip, first you need to purchase wholesale hunting supplies. They include iron knuckles fist fighting equipment, folding blades, set of knives, breathable casual sports shoes, adjustable and portable tool stone, and outdoor self-defense supplies. Similarly, you should also include a rechargeable flashlight in our travel bag. The wholesale hunting supplies can be purchased at pocket-friendly prices in various retail shops or online store. Secondly, a pair of carabiner clip preferably zinc alloy is very essential. Lastly, a good multi-functional climbing compass is needed. Preferably, this is for keeping track of your location. Ensuring safety right off the bat is a top priority when it comes to climbing and hiking.

wholesale hunting supplies

Real experience

I, at one time, met a lucky survivor of mountain climbing accident. He owes his survival to good quality ropes with carabiner clips. In essence, the clips help in supporting the ropes and preventing it from accidental openings. Keep in mind that there are two types of carabiners; screw gates and snap gates. Screw gates have rotating tubes that prevent the biner from accidental openings. The hunting supplies not only help in hunting and fishing but also aid in self-protection, for instance, the iron knuckles. Even still, the waterproof hunting gears are the best for cave exploration or for self- driving travel. A multi-functional climbing camping compass is considered as an essential component of the navigation system. You know, there are chances that you will likely get lost in our camping escapades. This is yet another reason why a multi-functional compass might come in handy. Notably, a compass equipped with a sighting mirror can be used to flash sunlight to a rescuer during an emergency.


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