3D Walking Pedometer: Best Steps Counter For You

Today, I’ d like to introduce you the best steps counter, called 3D walking pedometer. This pedometer can not only count steps for your while walking or running, but also measure distance you’ ve traveled and calorie burnt. It is a useful and helpful equipment for sports and daily life. If you are curious about this pedometer, you can read the following.

3D Walking PedometerThis pedometer uses 3D walk sensor technology, so that it won’ t miscount steps, and you can position your pedometer anywhere, on your hip, in a pocket or a bag by using the included strong clip and strap. It can count daily steps, measure distance traveled and calculate calories burnt, and their units can be imperial mile, inch, lb, or metric km, cm, kg.

3D Walking Pedometer Steps CounterInputting your stride length and weight, it can show you accurate personal readings. With silent 3D walk sensor technology, it can avoid counting sudden movements as steps. The pedometer will not count any movement less than 10 consecutive steps.

3D Pedometer Steps CounterThe 3D walking pedometer helps you to track your activity throughout the day and achieve your fitness goals. You will soon see how your steps add up, and it can also encourage you to do more. You can walk further each day and set bigger goals. It can automatically store up to 7 days of activity, so that you can keep motivated and track your progress. The pedometer also automatically resets at midnight so you can easily track your daily steps, distance and activity. With this pedometer, you can set your daily step target, with progress bar for easy viewing, LED and beep indicating when you reach your daily target. Plus Activity Time shows your daily active time while walking.

In a word, this 3D walking pedometer is an excellent and amazing steps counter, calorie and distance calculator. For daily activities, this pedometer is undoubtedly a good item for you to have.

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