5 things to consider before purchasing an Airsoft mask

Some airsoft players may find airsoft masks a nuisance when playing the game, but this piece of equipment is used for a very vital purpose and that is to protect the player from the danger of getting hit in the face especially the eyes. When one gets struck in the eyes it does not only lead to blindness but death as well.

Airsoft mask
There are also other safety gears used but it is the mask which has a very important role. The vest protects the body from bruises but you can still opt not to wear one if you like. It’s not going to cost you your life but if you opt not to use a mask there is a big possibility of getting struck in the face.

What are the importance of Airsoft mask?
While playing airsoft you have to combat a lot of challenges and that is why it is necessary to protect the facial features from any sort of injury or unforeseen situations. Airsoft masks are the finest accessories that can help in protecting your face in an excellent manner. If you will wear a specialized mask then your face will be protected from injuries and scars that may happen during the game. There are different types of airsoft masks but Full Face Mesh Mask is undoubtedly the best option among all the varieties.
A Full Face Mesh Mask protects all the features of face like eyes, forehead, jaw line, ear region, teeth, lips, chin etc. Thus you can play the game uninterruptedly if you have a mesh mask covering full face.

Tips for choosing an Airsoft mask

Ventilation: On some of the more expensive airsoft masks, a ventilation system might be present and this is designed to make it easier for the player to breathe, while at the same time reducing the chances that the lenses will fog up.
Lenses: A highly dependable airsoft mask is likely to feature two major qualities and these relate to the lenses ability to provide anti-fog assistance and a great range of vision. On many of the masks, they are likely to feature a field of vision which is rated in the degrees. A high range of vision is desirable for the best view. Secondly, the most desirable masks are likely to include the thermal lenses, whereas the more low-cost masks might require the use of an anti-fog solution for helping to maintain a clear view. On certain masks, you might have an option of using interchangeable lenses which are ideal for adjusting in the different gaming environments, such as those that might require the lenses with different tints or shades.

Airsoft mask

Foam lining: If you really want to invest in a comfortable airsoft mask, you really want to check the level of foam lining and that is featured on the inside. For utmost comfort, it helps if you are able to locate a mask that is able to rely on foam that is open-cell and double layered. Open-cell foam is similar in much the same way to the memory foam that is included on the bedding items, like the pillows and mattresses, and therefore able to offer a greater level of comfort.

Material Quality: Decide the material quality that you want in these masks. Some are metallic, some are plastic based and many masks come in combination materials.
Price: Make sure that the rates are within your affordable range.

Although there are few cases reported of people getting hit in the eye or ear, it is till best to totally eliminate the possibility for peace of mind. You can purchase an Airsoft mask at Banggood.com at an affordable price or get one for free by participating in the ongoing 0.01 lucky draw.

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