A RockBros Hamburg Lock a Bike, Keep the Thieves Away

Well…Unfortunately, just about everyone has a story to tell about bike theft. As long as you ride a bicycle, for either recreation or transportation (or both!), you need a bike lock. However, given the huge quantity of options, it can be tough to select the one that specifically suits your needs. If you are looking for the toughest lock to deter professional bike thieves, or one that is so easy to use that you’ll always lock up, this RockBros Hamburg Lock is here for you. 
b1078751-089b-4058-ba48-a3ca7486792aYou bet, as the product name said, this folding bike lock appears like a Hamburg when it is unexpanded. This Hamburg designed bike lock won the German Reddot Design Award honorable mention in the year 2011. With high security and drill resistant lock cylinder, this patented bike lock can even lock more than one bike. It’s easily fixed to the handlber, seat post or other part of your bike, easy to use and easy to carry. Providing complete configuration and perfect matching, this is a multi-use lock.



Brand: RockBros

Color: Blue, Black & White

Lock size: W7cm X H5cm

Locking Plate: L58.5cm X W1.8cm

Lock body material: Zinc Alloy+ ABS

Key material: Steel

Net weight: About 540g


Last but not least, this RockBros Hamburg Lock is on sale with a heavy discount of 23% off at Banggood. You now can cost only $36.99 for such a compact folding bike lock. And the promotion sale is from May 19th to May 26th this year.


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