Why the action camera and not a traditional camera?


If you are an amateur sportsman, moving outdoors and want to record your performance to boast in front of your friends you need a nice sport camera, then this article is for you.


No matter how sporty you are, how much you travel or how active you are in general a camcorder is a useful accessory that will help you capture the most important moments, no matter what the situation. The video camera segment has been popularized by GoPro and other manufacturers like SJCAM, whose products are still among the most advanced. You can then move on to something more advanced if you start to get the taste of recording your activities. Before moving on to the most important specifications you should follow when buying an action camera like SJCAM SJ8 sport camera, I propose you to answer the following question:

 SJCAM SJ8 sport camera

Why the action camera and not a traditional camera?

I think one of the questions that people who hear the first time about action cameras is “why would I buy a sports video camera instead of using a normal camera or a classic video camera”.

It’s a legitimate question, and the answer is quite simple: normal cameras or video cameras focus on recording quality while sports cameras are built with the robustness of the particular environment in which they will be used and the recording is focused on the surprise of the unique moments in any conditions, the quality somehow falling second. We recommend you SJCAM SJ8 sport DV for how quickly it reacts to shifting surroundings, and at the same times, the shooting quality is higher relatively compared to other action cameras.

 SJCAM SJ8 sport camera


By registering for extreme or normal sports, we refer to recording at several frames per second (above the 25/40 fps standard), and wide shooting angle that visibly distorts the image but includes many more objects in the picture at the same time. On the robust side, we are talking about small, shock-resistant cameras with various accessories needed for mounting on the helmet, car, surfboard, snowboard or selfie stick, and underwater carcasses allowing use in wet environments.

 SJCAM SJ8 sport camera


Even if some cams are essentially camcorders, the differences are major because we are discussing different cases of use that significantly influence their design process. The same situation we encounter in car cameras and PC webcams, products that have little in common with consumer cameras. This does not mean that you will not be able to use a sports video camera and activities that do not have to do with sports if needed. Under certain conditions, such SJCAM SJ8 can be used as a dash cam, surveillance camera, or can be mounted on the drones for unprecedented shootings from a height.


Once again, the SJCAM SJ8 action camera is both affordable and technically advanced, so it’s definitely worth checking it out.


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