Adjustable Swimming Training Flippers: Comfortable And Attractive Mermaid Tails

When wandering on the market, I find some new and interesting things, and among them, adjustable swimming training flippers attract my whole attention. Those flippers look like comfortable and attractive mermaid tails, extremely useful and helpful for swimming and diving. If you are also curious about those swimming training flippers, you can read the following. Adjustable Swimming Training Flippers Material: TPR+PP
Color: blue, pink
Weight: 500g
Size: 53cm(length)*40cm(width)
Age: 8-15

Adjustable Swimming FlippersThe fin is easy to put on and equipped with a velcro strap which can be adjusted to fit the child’ s shoe size.
The brightly colored and durable swimming accessory will keep kids entertained and exercising in the pool for hours.

mermaid tailsThis fin mermaid monofin is great fun for playing in the pool and good for development of the children’ s body.
For ages 8 to 15, this lightweight soft plastic and TPR flipper is comfortable for swimming or diving.

By now, you can have a general knowledge of those adjustable swimming training flippers from the above. For children swimming or diving, those mermaid tails are undoubtedly useful and helpful.

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