Amazfit GTR: The Smartwatch with an uncommon battery life

Amazfit series of smartwatches are getting everywhere with their reasonable price tag and innovative tech integrations. The latest addition to the lineup is the all-new Amazfit GTR, a smartwatch with loads of sensors and features at a very reasonable price.


The Xiaomi AMAZFIT GTR is a range of premium SMARTWATCHES by Xiaomi. The most attractive feature of this smartwatch is its appearance and design.It comes in three different material variants such as –aluminum, stainless steel, and even titanium.

Design and display
Amazfit GTR looks more like an elegant, classic analog watch than sportswear, which I loved. Should you prefer a sportswear look, changing the watch face helps. The straps are easily detachable. The watch has a premium build with a stainless steel casing, and is comfortable, light, and rather slim for a smartwatch.
Amazfit GTR comes with a 1.39-inch AMOLED display on the 47mm version, the 42mm model has a smaller display. The display size is pretty much similar to what we get on modern smartwatches. The display panel is AMOLED helping in battery optimization and extending the battery life up to 20 days. This display is the best you can get on a smartwatch at this price range also it comes with Gorilla Glass 3 protection and anti-smudge coating.


While using the GTR all over the days, it feels more than a fitness tracker, but lesser of a smartwatch. In terms of performance, there is nothing to worry about since it does not need to load heavy apps or processes on the top. So, the overall experience was pretty smoother than we expected.
While most of the smartwatch users prefer to get notifications mirrors, keep track of their activities and time sync with the smartphone, this does a good job in terms of all these. You can have a decent experience using the smartwatch without much commitment. The only thing we are required to do was to change the user mode. You can switch between activity modes for a better accurate activity recording.
The Heart Rate Sensor is almost realtime. We have tested the accuracy of the built-in heart rate feature and found slightly off from what Apple Watch showing at the same time.

GPS needs to improve a lot. Sometimes, the GTR is losing the GPS signal and the availability of GPS is pretty bad. You can’t depend on GPS feature if you are planning to use this watch for outdoor activities. Let’s wait for improvements in GPS performance in future firmware updates.
The Step Counter works perfect and we got the same number that Fitbit and Apple Watch shows. In comparison with the preceding Amazfit devices, this one has a better response capability. In our experience, Amazfit GTR is an amazing smart wearable with an impressive performance.

Water resistance
This SMARTWATCH is waterproof and has 5ATM water-resistant rating up to a depth of 50 meters. Thus, you can unhesitatingly wear it during the rainy season or simply use it as a swimming gadget.


The Amazfit GTR smartwatch comes with Amazfit OS which comes with brands own proprietary OS. This Amazfit OS is pretty much similar to Google’s Wear OS when it comes to the user interface and navigations. When it comes to watch faces, you get two of them saved on the watch itself, more can be downloaded from the Amazfit app.

The battery on the Amazfit GTR is a 410 mAh on 47mm and 195 mAh on the 42mm version. According to the claims, the Amazfit GTR 47mm version should last 24 days and the 42mm version should last 12 days. And if you use it just like a watch, no Bluetooth or HR sensor activated, the numbers drastically rise to 40 days and 34 days respectively.


Light, simplistic and stylish design
Lots of features (even GPS) for an attractive price
Works smoothly
Long battery life
No included USB charger
Does not have a speaker nor microphone
No app store with third party apps

The Amazfit GTR is a great watch with which can be used for any occasion and battery life is next to none. At this Smartwatch is available and very affordable.

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