Best Exercise Routine Buddy: The Xiaomi Miband 3

Among the exercise wristbands available in the market nowadays, the one manufactured by Huami, a noted Chinese gadgets corporation, is by far the best choice, offering the lowest price considering the high quality and features you get after purchasing this marvelous product. As this gadget had been on the market for a long time, it had gained a good reputation due to its great characteristics, both internal and external offered on the previous versions launched in the past years, and the new version The Xiaomi Miband 3 had been improved with the biggest screen and the highest resolution among many other awesome features.

Xiaomi Miband 3

So many practical features

Mi Band 3 is a smart bracelet fitness tracker that offers a wonderful sleek, compact, elegant and comfortable design which is perfect to suit to any sport or casual clothing style. The Xiaomi Miband 3 has a whole new feature for weather notifications, furthermore records every step you made, pace, heart rate, distance, calories burned, and even monitor sleep patterns and activity levels. Through Bluetooth sync, this bracelet can easily connect to Mi Fit App to offer to the user a fitness and scientific guidance to live a healthier life. Another awesome feature for this new version is the long lasting battery, last for 2-3 weeks with constant use and also allows adjusting the length to fit most wrist size men and women.

Xiaomi Miband 3

Xiaomi Miband 3 can connect to your cell phone and is capable of pairing with it to notify you when you receive a call, message or any other notification from any app like Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp, this feature allows you to easily reject a phone call during a meeting or class just by tapping the wristband twice on the OLED screen/button for a convenient and quicker action. This new version as the previous one offers the characteristic to set alarms and also is able to monitor your sleep cycle analyzing your stage and style of sleep pattern whether light or deep so you can improve your sleep time quality through recognition of your personal sleeping mode.

Xiaomi Miband 3

As if having a complete measuring bracelet is not just enough, this stunning gadget is water resistant, made from a very long lasting and high-quality material thermoplastic elastomer and aluminium alloy, you can use it while cleaning, taking a shower, swimming, washing and also it can resist sweat, cosmetic and deleterious dust, suit to all of your everyday activities. Miband 3 is compatible with IOS 7.1 and Android 4.4 and above, which allows the pairing with most of the smartphones available on the market. Moreover, the warranty for the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is for full 12 months including customer support.

Xiaomi Miband 3

Users around the world agree that the Miband 3 activity tracker is the best choice as an exercise buddy partner don’t let its affordable price fool you it is an accurate, light, useful, downright, powerful and beautiful device, offering great value and works perfectly. It is a marvelous substitute for the more expensive name brand fitness watch.




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