BlitzWolf® BW-PG1 462Wh Review

BlitzWolf is well known and no longer needs introducing. Its production of quality products at a great price is captivating and tempting.  When it comes to wireless speakers, they have does us proud again with the release of the BlitzWolf® BW-PG1 462Wh

BlitzWolf® BW-PG1 462Wh


The BlitzWolf BW-PG1 is made of aluminum PC plastic. It has all black with a tiny green detail on the body, and a black firm handle. It weighs 7kg thus the need for this handle, making it practically portable and becomes an ideal companion for longer trips or stays in nature. One of the cons is that the speaker lacks water and dust resistance. While this is not something to crow about, there’s definitely a plus to this statement. With zero protective measures, the speaker produces very clear sound as opposed to the muffled audio on some waterproof devices as it has no shield around it


BlitzWolf BW-PG1 has a battery capacity of 124800mAh. This offers you enough capacity for a longer period without dying on you. This device can charge several gadgets like laptops, smartphones, drones, cameras, etc. you can monitor them on the LED indicator, which is found on the side of the gadget above the speaker.

BlitzWolf® BW-PG1 462Wh


In addition to charging, the BlitzWolf BW-PG1 also has a pretty strong emergency LED light which has 4 lighting modes: full light, half-light, strobe, and SOS. It does not only illuminate you but also help you in an emergency. As an added advantage, this power station also includes a Bluetooth speaker. The connection is made active using the built-in Bluetooth 4.0.


Thanks to the sine wave inverter, it ensures safe charging and low electrical noise. Charging is so clean and stable. The station is highly protected against overcharging, excessive power; short-circuit protection, overvoltage protection, or thermal protection. This makes it very safe to use


BlitzWolf BW-PG1 is actually very affordable, its sound quality is reliably good and on matters of appearance, it is one of the best-looking wireless speakers in the market. It is safe to say that if you are looking for a no-nonsense Bluetooth speaker with good battery life, the BW-AS1 won’t disappoint you. By Using the BlitzWolf BW-PG1, you are guaranteed clear sound and battery reliability. You will definitely enjoy music whether loud or soft.


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