Bluetooth Bicycle Wheel Light, for Safety or Be Fun?

Well…Every experienced cyclist is aware of the importance of bicycle lights. But you ever wondered something used for safety could also be fun? Yeah…In this article, we are going to talk about the Bluetooth bicycle wheel light, XuanWheel, which is not only for cycling safety but also makes the bike bright view at night.

Color: Black

APP support: YES

DIY support: YES

OS requirement: Android 4.3 and above or iPhone 4S and above

Speed requirement: 10km/h-55km/h

Control method: Mobile phone control through Bluetooth 4.0

Pattern number: Beyond your imagination

Package size: 545mm*195mm*37mm

Single arm size: 505mm*70mm*28mm

Scope of application: 26 inches and above (The outside diameter of the hub must be less than 38mm)

As you can see, XuanWheel comes with an App with various image editing functions. It supports mobile phone with Android 4.3 OS and above or iPhone 4S and above. Apps can be downloaded at the product page. The battery capacity is 1950mAh and its working time is 6-15hours. LED colors include red, green, and blue.

It’s a cool APP DIY programmable bicycle light that can be easily and quickly installed on the bicycle, and turn your bicycle wheels into colorful screens. You can add any pictures as you like. Also, it accurately captures your cycling data, making a perfect record for cycling journey.
a1e4186f-225e-44a3-9e2e-39a07bd583d8This Bluetooth bicycle wheel light is now presold at Banggood. And there are big bargains for the top 100 orders as following prices:

$40.99 1-10th orders

$44.99 11-60th orders

$49.99 61-100th orders

Normal Prices: $51.99

I won’t tell you how many of these I’ve preordered. So, what are you waiting for? Just move on!




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