The Sporty Blitzwolf BW-BTS1 Bluetooth Headphone For You

Everyone today loves listening to music as they walk or go about their daily hassles. It is most enjoyable especially to listen to your playlist with the right listening gear, headphones to be precise. To get a set of headphones that will meet your listening need is harder than finding a needle in a haystack. Worry no more friend, because you are the reason am writing this review and your search ends as soon as you read this piece to the end.

Bluetooth headphone

About the Product

Our amazing Blitzwolf Bluetooth headphone comes loaded with amazing features that are all sleekly designed to improve your listening experience. They are tested and tried just to ensure all of our customers go smiling all the way as they explore the music-world. Let me tell you all about the amazing features of these hot Bluetooth headphones.


  1. Audio Enhancer Driver Unit

This hot Bluetooth headphone comes with an in-built audio enhancing unit that is fashioned to let you hear every single instrument played in a song. The unit lets you enjoy the high crisps and a cool but powerful bass that is lovely to the ear.

bluetooth headphone

  1. Lossless Sound Technology

Blitzwolf headphones have in it a CSR8645 Bluetooth chip that ensures that your music audio sound is not distorted. We wouldn’t want you to develop hearing complications.

  1. Comfortable-to-handle

It doesn’t matter whether one is running, climbing or even cycling. This cool set is ergonomically engineered to nicely fit into your ears without having to keep returning them into position. It has in it a magnet that keeps them intact around the neck, so they do not keep falling off.

bluetooth headphone

  1. Waterproof.

Through the rainy season and in the sweaty summer season, you don’t have to keep away these headphones from all that because our Blitzwolf Bluetooth headphones are IPx4 waterproof to keep you musically connected 24/7.

  1. Longer Battery life

With the huge capacity Lithium Battery (110 mAh), your device is set to last even to 7 hours of call-making and music playing. Our long-lasting battery keeps you wired longer than any ordinary headphones.

bluetooth headphone

  1. Multi-connectivity.

The Bluetooth connectivity of the Blitzwolf Bluetooth headphones allows you to connect to two devices and switch music playing from the two devices. In case one of the devices goes off without warning, you can easily switch to the other Bluetooth device.

  1. In-built voice Prompt.

It has a customized English voice guide that reminds you when your battery is about to die, letting you know that the first or second Bluetooth device is connected and several more voice prompts.

bluetooth headphone

  1. Easy-to-learn connection

Blitzwolf Bluetooth headphones have adopted a simple wired connection that includes control button lines and an in-built microphone. It has an answering/hang-up button during calls, and this also serves as a play/pause button when playing music.

  1. Packaging.

The packaging set includes; one black Blitzwolf BW-BTS1 Bluetooth Headphones, a charging USB cable, two earbuds pair, two pairs of bionic ear-tips, a storage bag and a user manual.


bluetooth headphone


As clearly as discussed, it is clear that it takes such a powerful headphone set to get to enjoy music. Do yourself the honour of getting yourself the classic Blitzwolf BW-BTS1 Bluetooth Headphones and dynamically transform your listening experience. Thank me later. Cheers! For more details about the product, please check here.

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