How to choose a comfortable bike saddle?


What is your purpose of riding a bike? Go to school, work, exercise, or challenge physical limits? For how to choose a bike seat, the first is to determine your own requirements for the bicycle saddle. If you feel uncomfortable while riding a bicycle, you may need to change to another seat that is more suitable for you.


Here are some tips you might need to read before purchasing a bike saddle:

  1. Feeling is very subjective

As different people have different body structures and riding posture, so comfort or not for different people is not the same. You do not have to blindly imitate some sports stars, and buy some expensive brands. Instead of spending lots of money blindly, try to spend more time to feel your bike in person.

cycling hollow seat

  1. All aspects of cooperation

When climbing mountains, the athlete may have only 30% of the body weight carried by the seat and the remaining 70% by the pedals. This means that comfortable riding is not accomplished with a single saddle. If you ride in a too leisure way, and put 90% of the body weight on the seat, after a long time it may cause discomfort. In addition to a good seat, riding pants is also a very important factor. If you feel pain, have you wear riding pants? If you do not wear riding pants, every action will cause the pants and perineum at the friction. At the same time, your tires, pedals, etc. also need to work well with your seat saddle. The bicycle cover tire will encase the whole inner tire, make it more comfortable when riding, at the same time reduce the weight.

 cycling hollow seat

  1. The saddle is not softer the more comfortable

Like a bed, it can be uncomfortable to sleep on a very soft bed. The role of the cushion is to support the pelvis, if it is too soft there will be a very “collapsed” feeling, and affect the strength of force. A lot of seats is hollow in the middle part, so this cycling hollow seat can reduce the pressure on the key parts of the body.

 cycling hollow seat

  1. Recommendationsand suggestions 

I will recommend the cycling hollow seat and the aluminum alloy bicycle pedals for sports lovers. A good quality and professional aluminum alloy bicycle pedals are ultra light and more durable. The unique design of three bearing structures make your riding sports times more smooth. Bearing ability is stronger than ever. For the tire, I will recommend the kenda bicycle tyre which is made of wear-resistant and high strength rubber and steel edge, providing a comfortable feeling when you turn.


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