CREE XM-L 2x U2 LED Bike Head Light: Best Choice For Your Bike

According to researches and interviews, CREE XM-L 2x U2 LED bike head light is said to be the best head light for bicycle. This headlight is well designed, obtaining excellent performance and strong power supply, ideal and perfect for cycling use. If you need a head light for your bike, this one is your best choice. To know more details, you can read the following.
CREE XM-L 2x U2 LED bike head light
Consisting of high quality aluminum alloy material, aluminum alloy shell and anodizing surface treatment, this head light is quite sturdy and durable for long time daily using. This head light obtains vacuum plating cup light surface, anti fall off, concentrating the perfect effect.
CREE XM-L 2x U2 LED bike head light
This CREE XM-L 2x U2 LED bike head light has four modes, that is strong, mid, weak, strobe mode, capable of meeting various lighting requirement, quite useful and helpful. If you long press the switch for more than one second, this light will access to strobe mode. The operations of this bike headlamp are really easy and simple.
CREE XM-L 2x U2 LED bike head light
Powered by 4.2V 6400mAh rechargeable battery which is equal to 4pcs 18650 batteries, this bike headlamp can work and function well for illumination. This head light has functional and practical indicator. If the power of the light is more than 80 percent, three indicating LEDs are lit on. If the power is between 50 percent and 80 percent, two indicating LEDs lit on. If the runtime is less than 30 minutes, just one LED will be lit on and will flash three times one second. Based on those information, you can have a clear mind of its power supply.

It is no doubt from the above that this CREE XM-L 2x U2 LED bike head light is the best choice for your bike. Do not hesitate. Getting this head light for you bike, you can have a great fun of cycling, particularly at night.

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