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The electric self balancing scooter is one of the most popular electronic leisure items today. Consumers are heading to gear shops and online stores in search of these devices. Also known as hoverboards, they are very popular with athletes and celebrities. As a matter of fact, electric self balancing scooters are now the main means of transportation for students in the LSU campus. The university students say that they are fun to ride and help them to get to class on time. Xiaomi is one of the companies which manufactures electric self balancing scooters. Read on to discover more about their hoverboard models and the features which you can enjoy.

electric self balancing scooter

The Xiaomi Ninebot electric self balancing scooter

This is the flagship scooter from Xiaomi. Not only does it balance on its own, this scooter is powered by electricity and provides you with a collection of extra features. Available in white, this hoverboard is made more attractive by a blue LED circle on each wheel. It is designed with an extended section in the middle that ensures maximum balance and smooth movement. Here are some of the amazing features of this model.

Strong structure

This scooter is built to be very strong. Its base is made of magnesium alloy. As such, it can easily carry a maximum of 100 kilograms. This chassis is covered in highly durable strengthened plastic and rubber. As such, the unit is waterproof, scratchproof and guaranteed to provide a stable ride.

electric self balancing scooter

11-inch anti-slip tires

The tires provide a major advantage to riders of the Xiaomi Ninebot electric self balancing scooter. They are 11 inches tall and have some anti-slip treads. Thanks to a water drainage groove, they maintain a firm grip even when you ride on the wet or moist ground. The tires are inflatable and provide shock absorbing capability. This feature ensures that the electric scooter is comfortable to ride on uneven ground.

electric self balancing scooter

Riding style memory storage

This electric self balancing scooter manufactured by Xiaomi is the smartest model in the world. This is because it can learn your riding habit and adjust its suspension to provide a smooth experience. The hoverboard has a collection of sensors all over its surface. They record your preferred speed, mileage, acceleration patterns and overall style of control. By recording this information, the electric self-balancing scooter provides you with a personalized experience every time you ride it.

electric self balancing scooter


Electric self-balancing scooters are the most modern traveling accessories today. They can be used indoors and outdoors as well. One of the best models is the Xiaomi Ninebot electric self balancing scooter. It provides you with excellent features and a comfortable ride.

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