Xiaomi has evolved from an ambitious Chinese startup to one of the ‘it’ wearable producing companies around, evidenced by the fact that it is breathing heavily on Fitbit’s neck to overthrow it as the most popular wearables producing company by a number of shipments made year on year. Topping sales quantity obviously points to being at the top of the charts when it comes to quality delivered and customer satisfaction, especially for outdoor sports lovers.


From the original xiaomi mi band pulse, the xiaomi smart wearable equipment has developed so much more. The Amazfit IP67 and the xiaomi band 2 are the flagship products of this wave of Xiaomi products that are quickly taking over the market. They come with a wide range of life-saving features that make you wonder how you were possibly making it through life without them. Let’s start by taking an in-depth look at the smart band.

xiaomi mi band 2


The xiaomi mi band 2, dubbed ‘The wearable for people who don’t like wearables’, is so comfortable that you can put the xiaomi mi-2 on and completely forget you have it on in the first place. This is aided by its exceptionally long battery life, lasting at least one month for the heavy users all the way up to 3 months when in minimal use, with up to 20 days stand-by power. The xiaomi mi 2 is also water resistant, dust proof and scratch resistant, meaning you can take a shower without having to take it off, further reinforcing its title as the wearable for people who don’t like wearables.

xiaomi amazfit

Other features include a heart rate monitor, a fitness tracker and a sleep tracker accompanied by a sleep-cycle smart alarm. It also comes with a message reminder and a call reminder with customizable alerts. Moreover, the xiaomi mi 2 band boasts the Dialog II 4.0 Bluetooth chip for faster, stable connections, with a military grade ADI sensor. As if those weren’t enough, you can also unlock your phone using it without a password!

xiaomi amazfit

On to the equally impressive Xiaomi Amazfit IP67

The xiaomi amazfit is equally as innovative if not more innovative as its counterpart, the xiaomi band. The xiaomi smartwatch boasts a Bluetooth music feature, where you can save up to 500 songs, giving you the option of an endless playlist which you can listen to via a Bluetooth headset while outdoors, offering unrivaled convenience. It also has real-time GPS tracking which can record and sync sports data like speed and distance, accompanied by the standard heart-rate monitor. It has a convenient all-day display so that you don’t need to keep on tapping it to access its features. The xiaomi watch 2 also displays the caller ID when you receive a call and shows and reads notifications and messages sent to you. All this not forgetting that it updates you on the weather forecast.

xiaomi amazfit


In a nutshell, it is evident that the xiaomi mi band and the xiaomi watch are both must-haves. Their amazing features coupled with their affordability speak for themselves. If you didn’t have one, now’s the time to get yourself upgraded with Xiaomi. Definitely worth it! Let’s expect the xiaomi mi band 3 together for more excellent work!

Note: if you have a xiaomi 2 band, maybe you can also go check the xiaomi mi2 accessories like various type of strap replacements.



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