Electric Bike Comparison Review: Fiido D4s vs Fiido M1

Perhaps the most easy approaches to arrive at our destination is the point at which we utilize two-wheeler, since staying away from the occasionally endless vehicle agglomerations will save us an enormous piece of our valuable time. It is here that some extremely fascinating electric bikes become possibly the most important factor, we talk about the FIIDO M1 versus FIIDO D4S, a vehicle that will permit you to have numerous advantages when utilizing it. FIIDO M1 versus FIIDO D4S both are mid-range electric bike that is presented as a simple model, both in its specialized attributes and in the design picked for its exterior, permitting the user to exploit more prominent transfer comforts however with an experience basically the same as that of an ordinary vehicle. In this FIIDO electric bike review, we will reveal what’s the difference between FIIDO M1 electric bike and FIIDO D4S Electric Bicycle?

FIIDO D4S electric bike

The Design

Fiido M1 is crafted by the super light all-aluminum body ( likely AL 6061 ) and foldable structure. It incorporates back and front shock absorption design and 20×4 inch ultra-wide rough terrain tires, which will appeal to various individuals for outdoor riding. The chassis of the M1 has high-strength, anti-rust and light aluminum alloy, the body is foldable into equal parts and is appropriate for transport by car and any place you want. Fiido M1, as a magnificent rough terrain bike, incorporates the Shimano 7-speed bike transmission framework. Meanwhile, as an electric bike, it comes 250W high-efficiency motor and 36V 12.5ah huge capacity removable Lithium battery.


FIIDO D4S has 20-inch strong rubber tires with non-slip design and effect security impact. Make driving an extraordinary encounter even on the most noticeably terrible roads. Both the tires are furnished with disc brakes, that guarantee safe braking. The motor gives 25km/h of maximum speed. So it is feasible to confront climbs with a slope of up to 30%. The construct is in aluminum alloy and, notwithstanding being a truly weighty vehicle (it weighs just 18.5kg), it can convey individuals up to 120 kg.


Fiido M1 has a maximum speed of 25 km/h yet the limit can be eliminated by arriving at the maximum speed of 31 km/h. The integrated lithium battery is rechargable and has a 36V capacity, 12.5Ah with a long-range that can attain up to 100 km. The M1 has 250W high-efficiency brushless engine with lower energy utilization, 20% stronger resistance, and enhanced torgue. There are 3 driving modes: Riding, Pure Electric, and Electric Power-Assisted. At the point when you turn the accelerator it switches automatically to electric mode. While without this help it stays in electric servo-assisted mode. It has a 52-tooth chainring with a 7-speed Shimano transmission. As well as a double-disc brake at the front and back that is steady and effective.


FIIDO D4S electric bike accompanies a 250W powerful motor that offers a fast speed of up to 25km per hour. There are three modes Cycling mode; Pure electric mode; Power help mode. it additionally has the 10.4AH lithium battery grants a 25 40km territory in unadulterated electric mode. FIIDO D4S electric bike accompanies a USB mount on the handlebar included for holding your phone. A display of FIIDO D4S, which is situated on the handlebar, gives all the helpful information with respect to the residual charging. Furthermore, the running velocity and the LED front light makes driving safe likewise during night hours.


On the overall, the FIIDO D4S vs M1 both Electric Bicycle looks extraordinary and astonishing. They are both budget Electric Bicycle which is moderately priced. Both accompany various specs you can check out at Banggood which is the global leading online ship; passion shopping on Banggood.

Electric Bike Comparison Review:  Fiido D4s vs Fiido M1
Article Name
Electric Bike Comparison Review: Fiido D4s vs Fiido M1
Whether is for pleasure purpose or just for getting around, electric bikes always save the day. They are most times foldable and easy to convey around. In this article, we will be comparing two awesome electric bike from FIIDO; D4S and M1.

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