Electric Fluorescent night fish bite alarm: Perfect For Night Fishing

night fish bite alarm

night fish bite alarm

Are you fond of fishing? Do you want to go fishing at night? If yes, here is a useful and practical fishing tool for you, that is electric fluorescent night fish bite alarm, which is ideal and perfect for night fishing. And now, let’ s talk about this fishing tackle together in the following to see how it is actually.

Material: plastic
Color: fluorescent
Battery: 3 button batteries
Size: 70*37*27mm
Weight: 0.05kg

night fish bite alarm

The fish alarm bite is portable and easily installed.
The fish alarm bite comes with buckle, and you could adjust the diameter according to the fishing rod.

night fish bite alarm
You can adjust the volume and indicator, and can hear the alarm within 30m.
The indicator will be flashing when it alarms, and it is convenient for night fishing.

Until now, you can see how this electric fluorescent night fish bite alarm actually is clearly from the above. It is no doubt that this fishing tackle is extremely useful, helpful and practical for night fishing. To have a wonderful night fishing, you should not forget about this fishing tool.

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