Elephone ELE W7: The Smart Bracelet for All Sporting Activities


Ensuring our fitness can be something we do for fun, yet for other people, it is significantly more than that, it is a lifestyle that has come to remain, that is the reason we at present have an unending list of gadgets of assorted types to meet all manner of needs. We have Elephone, a Chinese organization that presents to us the Elephone ELE Band 5, a sports Smartband of extraordinary execution, yet this isn’t all, as our hero today is introduced as a type to follow, we are discussing the Elephone ELE W7. So we welcome you to proceed with us in this area and know all that this gem has.

Elephone W7

The Build and Display

The Elephone ELE W7 has the exemplary rectangular plan that Smartbands typically present, so in this angle, we won’t value any oddity, in spite of the fact that it doesn’t lose its appeal and this is because of the 3 colours that are accessible, these being: dark, dim blue and purple, designed like 3 rich alternatives to be joined with clothing that we convey with us, regardless of whether formal or easygoing.

Presently setting off to its development, this Smartband is built of PC, otherwise called thermoplastic, which gives us moderately average protection from stun, falls and scratches, then again, we are managing a genuinely light gadget, in any event, weighing just: 0.030 kg, being practically indistinct and along these lines, more than flawless to go with us to all our wellness meetings. Concerning its lash, this is made of TPU, which invigorates both and adaptability, so it will be more than perfect to accommodate our wrists the same number of times as fundamental without introducing any kind of weakening by use.

The Elephone ELE W7 accompanies a 0.96-inch TFT touchscreen, which stands apart gratitude to its flimsy glass, permitting to help the all-out weight of the gadget, in spite of the fact that this isn’t its lone favourable position as it additionally figures out how to stand out because of the sharpness that gives us in any sort of picture that ventures, regardless of whether it contains dull or light colours.


The Elephone ELE W7 possesses a low-end technical area, being all that could possibly be needed to address every one of our issues and this is because of the way that it has a Nordic 52832 processor, which is portrayed by its low force utilization, permitting to broaden the heap devoured in our battery, then again, it stands apart for its capacity to perform various tasks, supporting more than one capacity at the same time with enough ease.

Elephone W7



The Elephone ELE W7 has a truly easy-to-use interface, which in a way is something standard and this is on the grounds that it is modified to synchronize with Android and iOS working frameworks through a Bluetooth association variant 4.0, so we won’t require any intermediary application.

Battery Life

The Elephone ELE W7 accompanies a 160mAh battery that guarantees a nonstop use time of 7 to 10 days and whenever kept in backup mode, it can bolster as long as 25 days, yet the best of everything is that it will just take around 2 hours to revive up to 100%. We should likewise add that to charge this gadget we won’t utilize a USB link, since the focal structure can be isolated from the tie, permitting us to associate our Smartband to a desktop or laptop as though it were a USB Pendrive.


A durable battery life

Telephone Anti Theft highlights. It permits you to utilize your telephone without expelling it from your pocket.

Waterproof nature prolongs the smartwatch’s life expectancy.

Exercise level screens and heart rate monitor aid keep the user sound and fit.

Camera and Remote music player permit you to carry out smartphone features on your watch.

A distress call, GPS, and distance regurgitation features are useful in a difficult situation minute for the client.


The smartwatch can transform into a time squandering apparatus when depended on for messaging, composing on it is moderate.

The visual presentation isn’t improved for users who have a problem with sight.

The reminders and alarms can be disgusting some of the time.


At www.banggood.com, you can purchase one for yourself in various colours; pink, brown, black or blue ELE W7 smartwatch. It arrives packaged with an English manual bundle.

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