Enjoy your cycling-bicycle cell phone holder

Nowadays, the air pollution had become more and more serious. It’s the extravagant hopes for people to breathe the fresh air. People’s environment awareness had become strong and most of them are seeking a variety of low-carbon environmental travel mode. As the bike country in 1970s, Chinese used to cycling that the rate of heart and brain disease is less than now and the air is much fresher as well.

After bothering by the serious problem of exceeding of automobile exhaust and air lead content, the bicycle has become popular again because of its advantage of low-carbon environmental protection, free and convenient, physical fitness.

The same like swimming and running, cycling is benefit for our body that it can improve our heart and lung function effectively. And the body and limbs coordinate together when we cycling that the whole body’s muscle can get the exercise to lose weight. If we keep doing the exercise, we’ll become symmetrical. Furthermore, cycling can strengthen the heart and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease such as hypertension.

Except from the advantage of exercise and give a healthy life for you, cycling will not produce any pollution which can better protect the environment. Choosing this way to go out is the responsible performance to human beings and environment.

At present, a lot of people establish a number of cycling organizations spontaneous except riding to get or off work. They organize a variety of forms of cycling activities on holidays, such as riding around the city for the purpose of exercise, suburban tour to make new friends. While riding the edge to enjoy the scenery along the way, and make friends who have the same interest with you. The low-carbon environmental travel will make you very fun.


Maybe a lot of us will feel it inconvenient if we put the telephone in our pocket when we cycling, we need to pay attention to it to not let it fall down. So it’s necessary to install a bicycle cell phone holder.

  • 360 degree rotation(set the perfect viewing angle for your device)
  • secure extendable clamp
  • 4 tight stabilizing rubber straps
  • adjustable claw mount fits all 3mm-50mm handlebars
  • Cradle fits all devices between 4.7-6.0 inches
  • 自行车


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