Everything you Need to Know About the Xiaomi Mi Band 5

The Xiaomi Mi Band is a wearable activity tracker. Its origins are in China. It supports a magnetic charging dock which is said to be easy to use than other previous chargers. Everything from the display to the processor gets an upgrade on the new band. This makes all its features-rich than ever

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Let us take a look at its specifications for a better understanding.

To start, the Mi 5 display is a bit bigger than the previous Mi 4. I said a bit because there is no much difference, but it has small bezels and a large display area for more information. It also comes with a 2.5D tempered glass panel that protects the screen from scratches and abrasions. It has numerous new themes such as SpongeBob, Neon Genesis Evangelion, e.t.c. Another cool thing is that you can customize the band to suit your daily mood based on personal style. The Mi band 5 also has new sport modes. Given that people are not going out much nowadays, it has captured more indoor activities than the previous band.

The new sports include,

  • Outdoor running
  • Treadmill
  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Freestyle
  • Pool swimming
  • Elliptical(new)
  • Rowing machine(new)
  • Jump rope(new)
  • Indoor cycling(new)
  • Yoga(new)

Besides the added sport modes, the Mi 5 Band has new tracking features and improvements, they include,

Improved sleep tracking

The Xiaomi Mi band 5 has an improved sleep monitoring system that monitors your heart rate. Xiaomi says that it betters your sleeping problems such as irregular sleeping habits, sporadic sleep patterns, etc. this way, the app can improve your sleep quality.

Blood oxygen tracking

This brand has a built-in SpO2 or better known as a blood oxygen tracker. The tracker can detect your blood oxygen level every second. It works hand in hand with the sleep tracking to give you sound sleep all night

Women’s health and PAI scoring system

Here, new features including menstruation cycle tracking, breath training, remote control for smartphone cameras, and a new personal activity intelligence are included. The tracker rates from 1-100 depending on your daily activities.

NFC and voice assistants

In china, the new band support for NFC and the XiaoAl voie assistant The Xiaomi Mi band 5 comes with an affordable price as its predecessor.

It is available in Europe and the United Kingdom too.


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