Features of Insta360 GO that Makes it so Popular

Insta360 is not just a camera the size of your thumb but it is a camera with a full package. But in this article, we will discuss the best things the smallest stabilized camera.

Insta360 GO

Mount insta360 Go anywhere

One of the greatest advantages is that Go is magnetic so you can mount it anywhere. Its magnetic body also applies to its applicants those being; the pivot stand, the magnet pendant, the sticky base, and the easy clip. Once you have mounted the Go camera, it is very simple to shoot; just oppress its button to once record the clip for up to a minute and press a second time to stop.

The pivot stand

This pivoting stand, it has a sticky base on the bottom that you can tag Go on any clean and smooth surface. Once you have tagged the camera you can now pivot it to the angle of your shot. Go weighs 18.3g which means that you can tag it anywhere but what you need is to be creative on your angles.

The magnet pendant

For example, the insta360 Go you can wear it on your chest, slip it under your t-shirt and pop Go on the other side for epic POV, hands-free shots. For your magnet to align correctly, make sure the white side of the pendant is the side facing. You can now press Go from the front where it will give you enough pressure to activate the action button on the back once you have mounted it.

The easy clip

The easy clip is made for sports, whether going for a dunk, a run you can have it clipped on clothing for a unique perspective or a sweatband. You will find a wedge box where you can adjust the easy clip to face further up or further down depending on your angle that you like.

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