FIIDO D4s:The Best E-bike for Commuting is Sold at Only $689

FIIDO D4S is the new folding electric bike from FIIDO, by a currently recognized Chinese company for the wide choice on the market of modest electric bikes with astounding performance. It’s about an especially light (18.5 kg), as foldable and subsequently especially versatile e-bicycle for the street. By the ergonomic plan even significant distances can be mastered with no issues. The FIIDO D4S electric bicycle is with one 250 Watt electric engine fitted. For the energy supply is a 10.4 AH battery (36V) dependable, which thusly for a Range up to 80 km gives.


The Design

FIIDO D4s is an e-bicycle that appears to offer, in light of the first photographs, an appealing plan, with a ultralight 12.9 kg outline, and remarkable execution, with 100 kilometers of self-rule. This, without revoking the collapsing plan that has made the previous versions of e-bicycles popular. The frame will be in aluminum alloy, therefore light, in order to ensure a simple urban movement, with an eye to aesthetics, which doesn’t deny to be in vogue, especially present day in its lines. We are discussing a collapsing E-bicycle both in the handlebar and in the casing, to diminish the measurements to just 85 x 64 cm when shut contrasted with 150 x 108 cm when open. Concerning the materials, FIIDO D4S is completely implicit aluminum composite to ensure a load of just 18.5 kg.



The maximum speed of FIIDO D4s is 25 km/h. It is the lawfully reasonable speed for e-bicycles and e-bikes in many nations. Thus, in factory settings, FIIDO D4 is restricted to this speed.

However, there is a likelihood to open the capacities of FIIDO D4s. With the opened firmware, FIIDO D4s speed can arrive at 33-34 km/h. It is surprising, that you can look for this sort of maximum velocity with an e-bicycle for €550-600.

In the event that you will open FIIDO D4s for the higher speed, check with your legitimate specialists what maximum velocity is considered an e-bicycle. Besides, test if this speed is protected on the streets and tracks you will go on FIIDO D4s e-bicycle.


The battery of FIIDO D4s is incorporated in its frame. Along these lines, looking from aside, you can not tell that this is an e-bicycle and not an ordinary bike.

Figured, you can not eliminate the battery from its edge. So when you are charging FIIDO D4s entire e-bicycle must be close to the force attachment. It requires 7 hours to completely charge this e-bicycle. Along these lines, during the evening, you should keep FIIDO D4s close by power attachment to charge it.

FIIDO D4s battery limit is 10.4Ah. It is somewhat bigger battery than the Xiaomi Himo C20 battery. Consequently with this battery, FIIDO D4s is fit to cover 40-50 km on unadulterated electric mode and up to 80 km on pedal-assisted mode.


FIIDO D4S has inflatable 20″ tires. These wheels are bigger – in correlation with more established FIIDO models. So with these tires, the e-bicycle will ride all the more easily. In addition, inflatable tires are appropriate for stun retention.

While we are discussing stun ingestion, the primary inquiry emerges – does FIIDO D4s has a suspension system?

Shockingly, it doesn’t have a suspension framework. So inflatable tires are the solitary component that assists with stun retention. It’s anything but an unexpected that FIIDO D4s has no suspension. In correlation, Xiaomi Himo C20 additionally doesn’t have a suspension system.


The beneficial thing about FIIDO D4s that it has Shimano 6-gear framework and twofold plate brakes. Thus, you are able ride on the speed you like while breaks will work consistently.



High Top Speed

Long Travel Range


Huge tires


No Suspension System


Bigger wheels, battery with amazing self-rule, circle brakes, moderately little weight and size and new ready PC, make the Fiido D4s perhaps the most intriguing electric bikes for any individual who needs to move around the city autonomously and regarding the climate.You can purchase this electric bicycle at Banggood which is the global leading online shop; buy good on Banggood.

FIIDO D4s:The Best E-bike for Commuting is Sold at Only $689
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FIIDO D4s:The Best E-bike for Commuting is Sold at Only $689
Bicycles has been a meas of transportation and for some it is an equipment for exercise. Manufacturers have gone the extra length to produce an electric bicycle for more efficiency and ease. Today, I will be reviewing the FIIFO D4S electric bicycle so that you can know what it is bringing to the table.

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