FIIDO M1 Pro Folding Moped Bicycle Comprehensive Review

Truth is, if there is something you want and really need, it this particular bike. You might not realize this but after reading this article, am sure you will have a change of heart. Not only will you get a bike that has integrated all the features available today for a bike suitable for every season or terrain, but you will do so for only $1098.99. With an aluminum alloy frame, front and rear disc brakes, double shock absorber, 20×4” CST tires, 500W powerful motor, a seven-speed Shimano gearbox, and, as anticipated, the possibility of folding it to make it portable makes the Fiido M1 Pro Folding Moped Bicycle is what you need to own. To help you make an informed decision, let’s take a deeper look at this bike;

Fiido M1 Pro Folding Moped Bicycle

Design and construction

Let’s start by stating that the Fiido M1 is not easy to carry around. With a gross weight of around 30kg, it’s way heavier than many e-bikes, and this means it might be difficult to place it in the trunk of your car, especially if you have a smaller car. The pedals and handlebars fold. In terms of the design, we can confidently say that the bike is quite captivating. When you combine the bike’s structure and its fat tires, you can understand why we call it captivating. The bike’s cables are visible and when you open and close the bike, you find them losing their balance. It has a removable battery module, which is activated with a key that’s found on the lower part. The key is used to turn the bike’s electronics on.

Fiido M1 Pro Folding Moped Bicycle

Engine and gearbox

It has a powerful motor of 500W and it uses the 7-speed Shimano gearbox with a 52-tooth front chainring. The gearbox is quite precise, fast, and intuitive, and is controlled with just a click switch that’s positioned on the right side of the handlebar. Below the gearbox, you will find the accelerator, which enables the bike to move in full-electric mode. And as the operating concept is similar to that of an electric scooter, you just need to push the lever for you to reach a maximum speed of 40 km/h. The bike also has an on-board computer, located near the left knob, and it integrates an LED display that becomes easily visible even in direct light conditions. The computer is quite basic as it allows one to check the current speed plus the total distance covered, and not forgetting the assisted peddling models.

Fiido M1 Pro Folding Moped Bicycle

Battery and range

The battery is lithium-based, and it allows you to travel about 100km with about 500 charge cycles and with minimal pedal assistance. When testing it, it reached 60km with maximum assistance, 80km with minimal assistance and when using it with an accelerator, it went for about 40km. and considering the frame’s weight and the resistance that 20” tires have with the road surface. Thanks to an external power supply, it only takes 9 hours to recharge.

Fiido M1 Pro Folding Moped Bicycle

Our verdict

With big wheels, disc brakes, ABS, front and rear shock absorbers, the Fiido M1 pro is for sure the most interesting model in the market. The bike is for sure a pleasant drive, even if you want to use it on other roads. So if you are looking to buy an electric bike, you can definitely choose the model for only $1098.99. please hurry before the offer ends!

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