Fishing with telescopic rods, makes you enjoyable

What comes to your mind when you hear fishing? A hobby, a family tradition or some old uncles going on a boring boat ride. No. It is a lot more than that. The global fishing industry has an annual expenditure of approximately 50 billion US dollar, with over a billion dollar spent on baits alone.

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This activity of catching the fish using distinct automated and traditional techniques and tools brings around 2 trillion fish on the land, with China running the largest fishing industry. In this era where technology has surrounded our everyday lives, people are going fishing more than ever for a sound experience. Apart from the profession, this has long been a leisure activity which continues to thrive even in the modern day. Fishing is also an official sport which people from around the world engage with. There are tournaments and competitions which garner global attention and participation. There are numerous advantages of fishing. It allows stress relief and benefits the mental health of the individual greatly. It is also an exercise which can take a form of social gathering with friends and family.

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With the advancement in technology, there are numerous techniques which have made the fishing way easier than the decades-old traditional methods. The traditional ones include directly catching if the fish is near the surface of the water, angling with a stick, using nets and etcetera. These are effective techniques which have enabled fishermen to fish for over the years. Only in the recent years, a telescopic fishing rod is making rounds in the market.

metal fishing lures

Telescopic fishing rods are specially designed to squeeze down to a shorter length and expand to a longer rod. This means that a 30ft rod can be contracted to a foot in length. This allows greater mobility with rods because of its handy and portable nature. Telescopic fishing rods are manufactured from a similar material to that of the conventional ones. This includes a composition of graphite, fiberglass, and carbon which is used to provide the rods a relatively sleek outward appearance and allow a smooth sliding to adjust the length. The eyes have a special and stronger design which provide the user with a better experience. There is a variety of different grade eyes available for the suitability of the users.


Telescopic fishing rods require the same amount of care as the conventional ones. They are very famous among the surfers. People who partake in water-sports and fishing are using Telescopic rods more than ever. Initially, people had issues with the product’s reliability. The manufacturers have done research and development are striving to bring out the product with maximum convenience along with reliability for the consumers.


Fishing, with a telescopic rod, is definitely a way to experience the oldest form of leisure activity in a modern way.

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