Fitness Tracker Recommendation: Bakeey ID115 Plus

It’s important to consider the best entities that give the best efficiency and serves to make your life simple! Wristwear is overwhelming. They are so flooded in the market, but not all of them serves the best purposes. Some wristwear will do the best since they are installed with the leading features that always warrants the best functionality. Bakeey ID115 Plus fitness tracker is the leading wristwear that you should consider. It is an amazing entity that possesses the top rated features. Let’s consider the top features below.

fitness tracker


The amazing fitness tracker serves the leading purpose such as being your best heart rate monitor. It has the ability to monitor how your heart rate beats and it records them, so you can easily have access to your health anytime. All this are made possible by a chip sensor that serves well in ensuring that you have control over your exercise time, which makes it possible for you to see a doctor in an instance where you observe anomalies. This amazing health steward can also record any change in your body. It serves well in the health purpose, and you will be sure to have good health all day.

fitness tracker

The amazing fitness tracker also keeps a track record of your body processes such as the calories consumed, the steps you take per day and also the blood pressure. All these health features are important especially when you are a sportsman. You need to measure all the steps you take in a day. You will also need to take care of your blood pressure so that you work in the right plan of health.

fitness tracker

The fitness tracker also serves other important functions such as act to receive the incoming messages when you don’t have the smart-phone around. You can receive a phone call and also performs other activities when this fitness tracker is worn.No worries shall be raised concerning the dangers that associates to water. The IP67 waterproof make is what ensures the safety of this leading Blue-tooth sports fitness tracker. You can put it on when swimming, handling water taps, during hard day work that pertains sweating and also during rains. It’s waterproof. That ‘s why its protected.

fitness tracker


Bakeey ID 115 plus serves as the best heart rate monitor that ensures that you monitor all your body processes such as the sleep, the calories you consume, the steps you take and also the blood pressure.

The fitness tracker is also the best design that’s made to last due to its IP67 make.

Its portable, cheap and also very efficient.



It does not have sufficient storage.

It depends on external storage.

It also has a very tiny font.

To conclude, the amazing fitness tracker is what you should consider acquiring from Banggood. It has the leading features that stunning and serves the best health purpose.

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