Is Your Smartwatch Designed Perfectly Like The LEMFO LEM X

If you are into smart gadgets, you will probably know of the LEMFO one of the biggest and most creative manufacturers of smartwatches in the Asian market today. Back then the LEMFO Firm amazed everyone when they introduced two of their best product which was the LEMFO LEM 5 Pro and the LEMFO LEM 7 well we thought that was it until they hit the market this time around with their latest gadget which is the LEMFO LEM X. Nowadays we have seen many brands from many companies such as the Mi Band 3 and Mijia Quartz Watch from Xiaomi, the Talk band B5 from Huawei and also the hybrid watches Lenovo watch 9/X/ and X plus and now the LEMFO LEM X from LEMFO, this has led to high competition in this niche making incredible product less costly.

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All thanks to the implanted 2.03 inch LCD panel of 640 x 590 pixels, MT6739 MediaTek Processor which runs at 1.5 GHz and also a Heart Rate Sensor. One thing about this Fitness Tracker is that it is perfect for both Sport and Health wear, the LEM X has various features such as:


As a standalone 4G network this smart gadget is incredible when you want to go as far as you want, with the LEM X you can make calls and send text messages with using your smartphone.

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Built with WiFi and Bluetooth, the LEM X  comes with this features which you can use to transfer music’s straight to your headphones when biking or running or maybe transfer music to your smart speakers while in the gym.


One of the biggest features of this smart gadget is the ability to monitor your self, with the LEM X you can monitor your health regularly with features like sports mode, pedometer, waterproof, a heart rate monitor, health wear feature, sleep monitor and also a sedentary reminder.

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Built with a translator and also a GPS module, with the translator,  one can easily translate word instantly. And also the GPS module allows one to track how far they have gone or to identify their present location.

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Presently the LEMFO LEM X is one of the best smartwatches from LEMFO firm, a gadget with the perfect display. It has a built-in feature of a high priced smart gadget, even though it is not yet a big name in the gadget market just know that LEMFO put in all the best they had to make this piece the best. For more detailed information about the product, please check here.

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