Get this amazing Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband for professional fitness analysis

Only knew Xiaomi smartphone? Xiaomi has created a lot of excitement this year with the release of its new health wristband. This sleek, stylish, and super intelligent device doesn’t just monitor your heart rate and other important health statistics, it can do more than you can imagine. Standout features range from suggestions on how you can improve your health to having the ability to monitor the health of your entire family, and much more. There is certainly plenty to be excited about when looking at everything the Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband can do, especially for those who love sports.


For comfort and convenience, this Xiaomi wristband is a sure winner. Overall:

It’s small and lightweight, and its made with materials that won’t irritate the skin. Thanks to its water and dust resistant design, you can wear it in the shower, when surfing or skiing, or almost anywhere, and with its battery life of up to 7 days, this wonderful xiaomi fitness tracker will be your best sports partner without a doubt.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Here are some of the advanced monitoring features of the Xiaomi AMAZFIT Wristband:

  1. Heart Rate Monitoring
  2. Sleep Monitoring
  3. Cardiovascular Health Index
  4. Fatigue Level Monitoring
  5. ECG Identification

This snazzy device will also analyze all of this raw data and provide you with a score and an overall assessment of potential risks to your cardiovascular health. With full Bluetooth syncing functionality and support for MI Apps, all of the information you need to understand your health is at your fingertips on your IOS or Android smartphone.

Xiaomi Miband 3

There are even more features

Using the app on your phone opens a world of additional benefits, including the pedometer, distance and calorie statistics, alerts regarding health abnormalities, exercise advice, and more. It even works in different languages, bonus for users around the world. Let alone the phone call, messages and alarm clock features.


As an example of the detailed, advanced capabilities of the various features of the Xiaomi Wristband, the sleep monitoring feature keeps track of different levels of sleep, such as telling you how much deep sleep you had in comparison to how much light sleep you had. You can even use the app to plan individual or family fitness training, and the app is easy to find in the Google Play Store under the name “Midong App.” Thanks to this excellent app and the accuracy and speed of the Xiaomi Smartband’s ECG Chip, all data is available on your phone in real time, making it extremely easy to stay on top of your own well-being as well as that of your linked family members or friends.

mi band 2

It’s truly amazing to imagine all of this technology inside such a small and user-friendly device. At a weight of just 32g, with the nicest color screen and stylish design, you’ll never be distracted or uncomfortable using the Xiaomi AMAZFIT Smartband. In fact, you’ll rest easy with the peace of mind that all of its fantastic features provide.

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