GPS Keychain Locator Assists You To Never Get Lost

Are you going to have outdoor activities? Are you afraid of getting lost while outside? If yes, here is a useful and helpful equipment for you, that is GPS keychain locator, which can do you great favor in finding the right place and never getting lost. And now, let’ s see this helpful and practical GPS locator together in the following.
GPS keychain locator
This Mini USB GPS Keychain Locator is a compact product. It is 65mm in length, 53mm in width and 21mm in height, quite easy and convenient to carry. With back-lit display, this GPS locator can provide the direction and distance to the destination. Destination point can be set, maximum 16 points. It can provide current position longitude, latitude, and altitude information, and it can also record the distance you traveled, and the time you spent.
GPS keychain locator
This GPS keychain locator is also capable of speed measurement. It can display accurate time synchronized by satellite. With this portable GPS locator, you will never get lost again, since it is capable of setting destination point, recording the distance you have traveled, providing current position and speed, as well as displaying accurate time synchronized by satellite. It is really an amazing guider and helper for wild explorers.
GPS keychain locator
The working temperature of this GPS locator is 20 below zero to 55 degree celsius. Built-in lithium-ion battery provides the power the locator needs for operation. Within the working temperature, with enough power supply, this GPS locator will surely work and perform well for you, particularly when you are going to have drifting, camping, hiking, climbing and so on.

From the above, it is easy to conclude that this GPS keychain locator is really useful, helpful and practical for you to have, capable of assisting you a lot in never getting lose. When you go outside, you should never forget this compact GPS locator.

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