Some Great Essential Bike Parts You Need To Have

Everybody is into fitness these days and Abs are the new it thing and people are up for anything to get that washboard stomach. Be it cardio, weight training, cross fit, aerobics or dance. Anything that helps in pushing their fitness goals and takes them a step closer to an iron tush is on their to-do list. That probably is the reason more and more people are opting for cycling these days. Well, actually it makes sense because it’s a fun cardio activity that burns up to 400 calories in an hour. Also, tones and strengthens your entire lower body.


All that being said, you need the right and smart cycling equipment to make your cycling experience a breeze, otherwise, you’ll just end up with a sore butt and a back. Ask somebody who knows! (me). For instance, before going all in with your cycling workout, you might want to make sure the seat is fairly comfortable. Also, make sure you’ve got the right tires if you plan to cycle on a mountain trail or go off-road biking. Other than that, we’ve listed some of the life-saving products that will make your cycling trips better.

 smart cycling equipment

  1. Super Soft-Polyurethane Filling-MTB Saddle Folding Bike-Road Bike Cushion

Suitable for those deadly weekend rides, this folding bike cushion reduces the strain from your hips. Also, the hollow middle allows ventilation and comfort. A crowd favorite, these seats are available in about 10 colors, so go ahead and choose the one that reflects you the best.


  1. Mountain Bike Cycling-Hollow Seat Saddle-Bicycle Accessories

This cycling hollow seat is something all cyclists swear by, the unique design helps maintain an elastic blood flow. Ideal for the long rides, it is super comfortable and has a great shock absorption formula that is great for those not-so-smooth rides. Also, this baby is available in many funky colors and will definitely raise the oomph factor of your ride.


  1. iMortor 26-inch MT1.9 3 In 1 Intelligence-Bicycle Wheel

Although a little expensive, this super smart cycling equipment offers everything you could have asked for. It can transform your normal bicycle into an E-bike in a fraction of minutes. This wheel is equipped with a portable charger, a smart application that monitors your speed and riding status and almost everything a super-bike should have.

smart cycling equipment

  1. CHAOYANG Bikes-Bicycles Colourful-Cover Tube Tire 26*1.95 MTB Soft-Rim

This chic and vibrant bicycle cover tire is every cyclist’s dream. Because well we like our ride to look as bada** as we do. Available in many colors, this cover tube is fit for MTB and makes for a cool bike accessory.


All that being said, these types of equipment might make your life easier, but you’ll have to sweat it out to get that envious body you’ve been aiming since forever now and these babies will make sure you do it the right way, without harming your body.

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