Great And Perfect Hand Tally Counter For Golf Playing

When searching for detailed information about golf playing, I find an interesting and useful item, that is hand tally counter. This tally counter plays an important role in golf playing. If you are curious about this important item, you can continue reading to know more details about this tally counter.
hand tally counter
According to statistics, a tally counter is a mechanical, electronic, or software device used to incrementally count something, typically fleeting. One of the most common things tally counters are used for is counting people, animals, or things that are quickly coming and going from some location. As for this hand tally counter, it is a useful and practical equipment for golf playing.
hand tally counter
This tally counter is a high quality product made of stainless metal, obtaining nice appearance and comfortable feel. It is 4.5 x 4.6 x 3cm in dimension. This tally counter has compact design, and it is portable. It has metal hoop, making it convenient for you to carry. It also has zero clearing switch on the right side.
hand tally counter
Moreover, this tally counter can mechanically jump by every press, featuring quick reaction, and the counts range is about 0000 to 9999. The counting speed is about 300 number per second based on the humans’ reaction speed. It has 4-digit display, extremely practical and useful. It is obvious that this tally counter is great and perfect for golf playing.

This hand tally counter is really an interesting and useful equipment for golf playing, which can be observed from the above easily and clearly. This great and perfect tally counter is definitely the best and ideal tool for you to have for better golf playing. It is believed that you will have a great fun of golf playing and you will feel no regret if you get it for yourself.

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