Haylou GT1 Plus Review

By the name, we can understand that it is a product of HAYLOU GT1 tracking update. Compared to the GT1 of the previous generation, the packaging of the GT1 Plus has no change, but the difference is in the details. For example, the Qualcomm aptX logo and product model are printed on the left and right corners of the package. Let us know that this is the same. There are Bluetooth headphones that support aptX lossless coding, and at this price, there are very few Bluetooth headphones that support aptX decoding.

Haylou GT1 plus

The design, Comfort and connectivity
At first glance, it is true that Haylou GT1 Plus has the exact same packaging as Haylou products in general, with black box cardboard that protects and brand paper on the outside.

Haylou GT1 plus

The design and shape are also the same as the Haylou GT1, with drivers that have touch control, as well as its pods that are exactly the same size and shape. The shape of the Haylou GT1 Plus is indeed quite ergonomic with fittings that are quite comfortable and not easy to fall. Inside, we get the TWS Haylou GT1 Plus earphones, backup eartips, charging cable and a guidebook. What distinguishes the Haylou GT1 Plus with the Haylou GT1 is in the features section, where the GT1 Plus uses a Qualcomm Aptx Bluetooth chipset with HD AAC driver support. In addition, GT1 Plus also uses battery power more efficiently than GT1.

Performance and sound quality
Low frequency: quite bassy, ​​controlled, slightly punchy, better detail than the previous series (Haylou GT1) on every low frequency instrument such as bass and bass drum.

Mid frequency: mid is quite clear, the vocal part feels more surface than Haylou GT1, good detail on instruments such as piano and acoustic guitar.

High frequency: the treble is bright enough and has good detail. Does not feel ‘ring’ in the ear, you could say this relaxing treble. Details are quite good in cymbal instruments and electric guitars, also in electronic instruments such as synthetizers.

Soundstage: quite broad, very distinguishable between each instrument in one song.

Haylou GT1 plus

Qualcomm QCC3020 chip
Dual host connection
7.2mm wool biological membrane

Not the most attractive design
Could be more insightful

Overall, the Haylou GT1 Plus has strong packaging, ergonomic design and fittings. For $34 you can purchase this bluetooth earphone at Banggood.com

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