High Quality 5 Color Lens Sport Sunglasses Is Multifunctional

5 color lens sport sunglasses is a multifunctional product, which has 5 colors of lens, that is blue, yellow, black, gray and dark brown. All the colors of lens has their special and unique function, which will be illustrated in the following in details.

Blue lens of sunglasses can be worn when going to the seaside beach for fun. Blue lens can effectively filter the blue light reflected by the water and blue sky. When driving, it should be avoided to use the blue lenses, because it is difficult to distinguish the color of the traffic signal.
5 Color Lens Sport Sunglasses
Yellow lens of sunglasses can absorb one hundred percent UV and most of the blue light. After absorbing blue light, the sunglasses allows you to see the scenery more clearly. Therefore, when hunting and shooting, you’ d better wear the yellow lens of sunglasses as the filter which is relatively common.

Black lens of sunglasses can make you cool and handsome, and protect your eyes from hurt and injury. As the most commonly used 5 color lens sport sunglasses, a lot of people possess sunglasses like that.
bike 5 Color Lens Sport Sunglasses package
Grey lens of sunglasses can do balance absorption for any chromatography, so the scenery you observe will dim after you wear the sunglasses. There is no obvious chromatic aberration, and it can show you the natural feeling. It belongs to a neutral color.

Dark brown lens of sunglasses can filter out a lot of blue light, which can improve visual contrast and clarity. Under the condition of serious air pollution or foggy, the wearing effect is better. Generally, it can block smooth shiny surface reflects light. Wearing this sunglasses still can see small part, and it is the ideal choice of drivers.

This 5 color lens sport sunglasses is really multifunctional, capable of being used in many fields. It is quite clear that this high quality product is practical and beneficial for people to have.

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