How to Choose a Suitcase for Travel

Travel can give a lot of pleasant experiences and emotions. But sometimes we will be overshadowed by the joy in a state of unfit travel bags. However, this can be avoided if you buy the most suitable suitcase for traveling.


When you select the suitcase for a travel, some factors you must take into account are as follows.

The cost of the suitcase

Having come into the store, you can get lost on a large range of prices for suitcases for travel. Their cost ranges from very small to quite large sums. The price index is not the last place in the selection of suitable options. Nevertheless, it must be justified. Dear suitcase it makes sense to buy if you plan to use it often. As a rule, the more expensive model, the better it is better, and therefore, lasting longer.


Dimensions suitcase

The selection can come between a large suitcase for the whole family and a few for each member. And the selection depends on how many things you will take for travel.


Material of Suitcase

Travel bags can be solid (plastic, wood, metal, vinyl, leather cover) and soft fabric. Hard suitcases are better to preserve the integrity of things (they do not get wet, do not beat). In addition, they do not tear, and looks solid.  However, the more things fit into soft bags, which is an important point in the journey. Plastic models cannot be compressed, it does not swell. But the cloth bag is more spacious, because it can compress and zip.


Suitcases with Wheels

Four-variant is more maneuverable, but also more susceptible to damage because the outstanding forward wheels can break off during transport. It is better to give preference to models with two rubber wheels or upholstered in it, which can be hidden inside.



If you are badly in need of a wonderful suitcase for travel, I’d like to recommend the new released Xiaomi suitcase. And it can be preordered now at Banggood. The details as following:



  • 100% aluminum magnesium material, one of the lightest metal material, strong, solid and durable.
  • Great combination of exquisiteness and portability, it can stand the test of long time journey.
  • Solid and safe, with customs lock, wearproof and protective.
  • Highly silent universal wheels, wear resistant and high resilience.
  • Exquisite double bearings, 360 degree flexible and smooth moving.


Specifications of the Xiaomi Luggage:

  • Type: Ordinary Type, Smart Bluetooth Type
  • Size: 375 x 550mm/14.7 x 21.6inch
  • Luggage Size: 20″
  • Capacity: About 31L
  • Lock Type: Customs lock
  • Wheel Type: Universal wheel
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Color: Silver
  • Weight: About 4.2kg


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