How to Select a Coffee Machine for Camping

Coffee machine is the device that completely automates the process of preparation of the coffee beans to spill into the cup. When choosing a travel coffee machine, you may identify several important parameters for yourself.


Asking the functionality of the device, it must be present on the control function of water temperature, correct beverage volume, variable flow of milk and water. Control of the water temperature is a very important indicator, it determines whether the coffee would be undercooked or burnt through.


If you want to determine the taste and consistency of the drink, you will need to function monitoring the amount of water in the cup. Pay attention to the ability to regulate the function of grinding coffee from a large to a smaller. Grinding coffee depends on the cooking time and the quality of the beverage.


But the most important parameters you should take into consider when you select a portable coffee machine for camping is the size and the portability. A decent coffee machine for camping must be mini-sized and as portable as possible.


Here today I recommend the Alocs Camping Coffee Machine, which is specially designed for camping and travel. First of all, it has a mini size (95 x 89 x 78mm). Of course, made of 304 stainless steel and Food-graded PP, it gets a light weight, weighing at only 450g, very light and portable. Coming with a 4-in-1 machine structure, this Travel Coffee Grinding Machine is easy operation for freshly ground, brewing, and filtering. It supports hand grinding, practical and convenient to use.



  • Mug Capacity: 230ml
  • Material: 304 stainless steel, Food-graded PP
  • Structure: Brew-up cover, Grinder, Filter cup, Mug
  • Function: Freshly ground, Brew, Filter
  • Size: 95 x 89 x 78mm
  • Grinder Weight: 20g
  • Weight: About 450g


Finally, good News for you, Banggood offers presale discounts at this Travel Coffee Grinding Machine.

$34.99 for 1-100th preorders

$36.99 for 101-300th preorders

$39.99 for Behind 500th preorders

Normal Prices: $49.99


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