How to select the perfect bagpack

Picking the right travel backpack is an important part in planning your trip. Too big and you will have too much extra weight to carry around or you might not get your bag on an airplane.

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Too small and you will never fit all your stuff in the bag. Pick the wrong material and your stuff will be soaked in the rain.
There are so many backpacks out there that it can be very confusing knowing how to pick the right one.

Areas to consider when making choice of a Bagpack

1. Backpack fit
When choosing a backpack you should consider how the bagpack will look on you. Putting into consideration some factors like your height, waist size and so on.
Women-Specific Backpacks
Due to the fact that women have smaller frame sizes, women’s backpacks often work well for young backpackers of either gender. Torso dimensions are generally shorter and narrower than men’s packs. And hipbelts and shoulder straps are contoured with the female form in mind.
Youth-Specific Backpacks

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These typically offer smaller capacities and include an adjustable suspension to accommodate a child’s growth. Women’s backpacks, with their smaller frame sizes, often work well for young backpackers of either gender. So do small versions of some men’s packs. You can get the Xiaomi 10l bagpack which is a youth-specific bagpack.
Torso Length
Some packs are available in multiple sizes, from extra small to large, which fit a range of torso lengths. These ranges vary by manufacturer and by gender. Check the product specs tab for size details of a specific pack.
Waist Size
Backpack hipbelts usually accommodate a wide range of hip sizes, from the mid-20 inches to the mid-40 inches. People with narrow waists sometimes find they cannot make a standard hipbelt tight enough and need a smaller size.

2. Backpack features

Elasticized side pockets: They lie flat when empty, but stretch out to hold a water bottle, tent poles or other loose objects
Hipbelt pockets: These accommodate small items you want to reach quickly — a smartphone, snacks, packets of energy gel, etc.
Shovel pockets: These are basically flaps stitched onto the front of a packbag with a buckle closure at the top. Originally intended to hold a snow shovel, they now pop up on many 3-season packs, serving as stash spots for a map, jacket or other loose, lightweight items.
Front pocket: Sometimes added to the exterior of a shovel pocket, these can hold smaller, less-bulky items.

If you’re using a lightweight pack with a fairly minimalistic hipbelt and lumbar pad, you can encounter sore spots on your hips and lower back. If this is the case for you, consider using a cushier hipbelt.

3. Backpack capacity
The size pack you’ll need is tied to the length of your trip and how much weight and bulk you want to carry.

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If you are moving around a lot, it is far better to have a proper backpack. They are simply more versatile, easier to carry up flights of stairs, pack into tight places, and overall, they just make life simpler. Bagpacks are very affordable and they are durable.

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