How to Survive in the Woods

Survival is an art of maintaining life, and in this regard, you must become an expert. Of course, it is not easy for a man to survive in the woods without any certain skills and experience. If you went into the woods on purpose, for example, for a camping, you probably stocked a knife, a compass, an EDC hex screwdriver, food and warm clothes. But there are always some emergency situations, for example when you just get lost and have to survive extremely out of your original plan. How should you do in that case?


In no case should you be panic, try to calm down and to realistically assess the situation. And then, you should try to call your families and friends if your mobile phone catches the signal. Besides, you can shout for help, perhaps in the woods, there are other people so that you will be heard. If all this did not work, then follow the next.

Searching Water and Food

The basic human survival factors include water and food. If you do not have enough water and food in the backpack while you get lost in the forest, you must look for supplements.


In the forest, there are always the swamps, lakes, streams and rivers. In order to find a water source, it is necessary to use animal tracks. If you cannot find any, you need to collect the water. The easiest way is to receive rainwater. You can dig a small depression in the ground and then put a clean sheet there. Or you can collect the morning dew by the fabric, which can absorb moisture wrapped around a tree.


The forest is a very favorable environment where you can find food of plant and animal origin. The protein sources in the forest are all kinds of worms, larvae, and caterpillars. They can be extracted from old stump or stir topsoil. Of course, these foods are very unappetizing on appearance. However, survival in the forest assumes a reduction in the level of disgust. Larvae or worms there can be both raw and cooked forms. And also, there are various kinds of mushrooms in the forest.

In addition, before you go in search of water and food, you should gather up firewood, dry grass, twigs and light a fire (for cooking and heating). Ideally, this can be done with matches or lighters.


Searching Path

You can stand back to the heavenly bodies, and then your shadow will fall straight to the north. At night, you can navigate by the stars as North Star will point north. It is better not to focus on the branches and moss because that is not always helpful. After making sure the direction, you should go to be in one direction only. Otherwise, you may go in a circle.


Equipment for Survival

You’d better prepare a multi emergency survival tool kit and carry it in any case when you travel in the woods. Such an emergency survival kit often includes knife blade, sewing needles, cotton, aluminum foil, back needle, compass, mountaineering buckle, paracord, flashlight, floats, etc.

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