How to improve your fitness performance in a smart way



According to recent statistics, athletes and fitness enthusiasts are increasingly using fitness trackers. These slim, high-tech bracelets are very effective in helping you to track your performance as you exercise. Combining smartphone technology and the portability of a bracelet, they are very helpful for indoor and outdoor fitness. Thanks to their effectiveness, the revenue for the manufacturers of these devices is expected to increase by up to 10% by the end of this year. Two examples of such devices are the xiaomi mi band 1s pulse and the xiaomi fitness tracker. Read on to discover more about them.

xiaomi fitness tracker

Discover the xiaomi mi band 1s pulse

This is a highly sensitive heart rate monitor which works using a Bluetooth connection. In addition to being light sensitive, the device is capable of monitoring fitness performance in real time and also recording your progress. Moreover, you can use it to perform scientific planning of your fitness activities. By synchronizing it with a dedicated Xiaomi sports APP, you can monitor your personal movements, heart rate, speed, and body motions too.


By using the xiaomi mi band 1s pulse, you can set a vibrating alarm, count your steps, check your levels of activity and also identify how many calories you have burned. By using its features, you can set exercise targets every day and achieve a lifestyle which is much healthier.


The xiaomi mi band pulse is ideal for those who lead active lifestyles as well as professional athletes. Seeing as it has a large internal memory, you can actually store an entire year of fitness information. With integrated social media, you can share your progress with friends or your team to see who is doing the best.

 xiaomi fitness tracker

Discover the xiaomi fitness tracker

The Xiaomi AMAZFIT fitness tracker is a waterproof device which you can use to track your fitness activity in a smart way. Manufactured for the international market, you can synchronize it with your smartphone using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to achieve your fitness goals.


The xiaomi fitness tracker is made of a light, rubbery material that sits on your wrist firmly. Seeing as it is soft, the device is easy to put on and take off. A simple buckle clasp helps you to fasten the tracker on your wrist too.


Within it, you can find tools such as a pulse sensor and accelerometer as well. You can use the pedometer within to track your steps during a walk or a run too. Built upon an Android operating system, the device is capable of synchronizing with smartphones and tablets as well. Furthermore, it vibrates to alert you in case someone gives you a call while you are engaging in fitness. The call is presented on the tracker’s screen with a little green symbol. It has excellent battery life and is guaranteed to grant good service.

xiaomi fitness tracker


The xiaomi band and the xiaomi smartwatch fitness tracker are both excellent devices to use for fitness. They are designed out of high-quality materials and are guaranteed to satisfy. The apps and tools they provide can help fitness enthusiasts to perform better over time.

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