K2 Allwinner V3 4K Sports Camera Review

Years go by, information technology has been developed, and the technique becomes more reliable, productive and interesting. Our today’s article will be devoted to the action cameras with 4K resolution, K2 Allwinner V3.


The characteristics and features of K2 Allwinner V3 4K is supposedly the remote controlled camera that can shoot in 4K. Of course, it should really 4K video quality at frame rates at 30FPS. And in the resolution of 1080p, you can shoot with a frequency of 60FPS, in slow motion. If you need an even greater effect of slowing down, you can shoot in 720p with 120FPS.


Everything is controlled by the Chipset Allwinner V3 in this 4K sports camera, and works on optics Sony IMX179 with a 170-degree view. The camera is very compact and portable, the battery is 900mAh, and takes about 90 minutes on a single charge. The camera also has the ability to remote control, support for Wi-Fi, convenient connectivity and a full set of accessories right in the set, including the waterproof case for shooting and a variety of mounts.


As a rule, the price of this K2 Allwinner V3 sports camera is $ 76.99 on Banggood.


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