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We just go on running and running, but hey stop! Do you know your heartbeat? And a number of steps you have run. Being active and sporty are critical for good health. We all know this. You might be practicing various methods like exercising, yoga or sports in order to stay fit. Some of you might actually be a sportsperson. But, how do you track your performance? How do you measure your activity? In the busy schedule of daily life, we forget to measure our own performance. But with xiaomi band or xiaomi smartwatch you can check your bodily stamina on regular basis and every day. I personally find it really beneficial.

xiaomi mi 2 band

Why you need xiaomi mi band ?

The xiaomi mi-2 works just like your personal fitness consultant. But the only difference is that you will carry them everywhere on your wrist! Well, let me come straight to the point. If you are a sportsperson, you need to be in charge of your own health. You need to be accountable for your exercising habits. Are you overburdening your heart? Or have you become a bit lazy lately? Are you getting enough sleep? And how your overall habits of eating and doing other activities of sports affecting your heart beat? The xiaomi mi 2 is the all in one fitness consultant for you.

xiaomi mi 2 band

What will you measure with Xiaomi Mi band 2?

Xiaomi has introduced one of the best fitness tracker wristbands that will answer all of the above questions. Coming to the features it has, high-performance heart rate sensor, LED display, time tracker, Dialog 2 generation Bluetooth chip, an adjustable band length, sleep monitor, vibration alerts, touch display, mobile phone app connection and most importantly it is water resistance. Yes, you can wear xiaomi mi 2 band for a full day, and it will not be a problem if you forget to take off the band while washing your hands.

In addition to being water resistant, xiaomi 2 is also dust and sweat resistant. Its heart beats tracker lets you monitor your heart beats during different times of the day. If your heart bits are too fast after the just small amount of work, it will be an alert for you to consult a doctor. Or you can measure how much you have run for the day, and then decide if it is enough for the day. If you have become a bit lazy lately, the xiaomi mi band will notify you to move! For that, you can set the custom alerts for yourself. You need to measure your sleep also, to be fresh and healthy. With xiaomi watch 2 you can monitor your light and deep sleep patterns.

xiaomi mi 2 band

In short, it is the all in one solution for your fitness consultancy. The xiaomi mi band pulse lets you to be more accountable and aware of your own health, encourage you to improve your lifestyle and more importantly, is lets you understand yourself! Let us expect the coming xiaomi mi band 3 together!

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