Kospet Hope 4G Smartwatch Review

The Kospet Hope 4G is one of the most powerful smartwatches out right now. It comes packed with 3GB of RAM, a quad core processor and the full android operating system. In this review I’ll be showing you everything you need to know about the Kospet Hope 4G and whether its worth purchasing.

Android Smartwatch

The design and display
The Kospet Hope 4G looks great thanks to its large, bright AMOLED screen and premium materials. I often find the off-brand Chinese watches use cheaper plastic materials to keep costs low, however the Kospet looks far more expensive then it is thanks to its use of ceramic and metal for the body of the device.
The AMOLED screen has a pretty high resolution at 400 x 400 and can therefore display crisp icons and images. The full touch screen works great but you’ll also have a few manual controls if touch isn’t an option.

Android Smartwatch
On the rear of the watch you’ll find the heart rate monitor and a door to place your Nano Sim Card should you with to use the 4G connection. You’l also find a camera on the side of the watch, more on that later.
The one major issue I have with the design of the Kospet Hope is how thick it is. At 17.5mm thick this watch is more than chunky; so if you prefer a thinner watch then the Kospet Hope isn’t for you. I personally found it too big for my taste, but people who don’t mind a large watch won’t be put off.

Hardware, Software and Processor
Kospet Hope 4G Smartwatch Phone is glorified with 3GB of RAM which can’t be increased but that’s a very big space for the user. It is also glorified with 32GB of ROM or internal storage. Add to that the MTK6739 Quad-core processor on Android 7.1 OS.

Android Smartwatch

Battery Life
The battery power is 620 mAh. That pales a lot when you measure it against that of cellphones but hey, this is massive power at the watch’s disposal. Most other smartwatches could not boast that much power at the battery level.

There is an 8 MP camera that is extremely okay for snapping cute pictures because it has good qualities.

Android Smartwatch

Very Powerful
Access to All Android Apps
Bright, Sharp Screen
Excellent Heart Rate Monitor
Lots of Internal Memory

Very Thick
Some Apps Not Optimised for Round Screen
Average Battery Life

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