LAOTIE FX150 Folding Bike is Lanuched With 1500w Powerful Motor

The LAOTIE FX150 folding bicycle is an electric mountain bike with thick tires and a powerful motorcycle. It has a 1500 W motor which allows a top speed of 45 km/h. This awesome electric bicycle was launched on the Banggood website on the 4th of January. Below is a detailed description of this electric bike.


The Design

The LAOTIE FX150 is made of aluminum alloy and the construction is very stable, the steering wheel tends to practically eliminate vibrations and the combination of 26″ and 4″ wide wheels, dual shock absorbers, and large and comfortable seats make it very enjoyable to drive.
From the ultra-light aluminium rims to the color choices, there’s nothing to say: the Laotie FX150 is absolutely gorgeous.
The titanium front fork and aluminum hydraulic locking mechanism are of good quality, as is the rear ammunition that connects the entire rear wheel to the structure. Then there are two disc brakes, front and rear, again hydraulic type and with enlarged copper base.

The battery module can be removed and activated with a button on the bottom: All electronics only turn on when the key supplying battery power is activated. On the other hand, there’s a large center screen on the handlebars, which can be used to call up all the important information about the bike and which, unlike some brands, looks perfect even indirect light conditions. The level of assistance is not controlled via the screen, however: LAOTIE has placed two buttons on the left side of the handlebar that are easily accessible while driving.

Gearbox and Engine

Additionally, there’s the 27-speed Shimano gearshift, which is the hallmark of a mountain bike, which is always precise, fast and reliable, and controlled via two snap switches in the two outer handlebar areas, right next to the knobs. There’s also an accelerator pedal on the right side of the handlebar so you can ride the bike in “full electric” mode.
This model also has three modes of pedal support and no torque sensor, which can make shifting difficult if the right gear is not engaged: the pedal assistant starts with the fifth pedal revolution, but fortunately in this case the presence of an accelerator greatly simplifies the process.
There are 3 modes of operation (manual swinging, assisted pedaling and fully electric) and when the motor starts running, one of the five available assist levels can be used.


Battery Life

The Laotie FX150 folding bicycle goes beyond the limits of its predecessor thanks to a battery from 12.8 Ah to 48 V, which on paper will guarantee the bike an autonomy of about 100 km.
However, charging is very slow: going from 0% to 100% can take up to 7 hours with the charger that comes with the Schuko socket.

laotie fx150


Whether you love mountain bikes or not, fun is guaranteed with the Laotie FX150 and yes, it is considered to be one of the best electric bikes. You can begin the year by purchasing this awesome electronic bike on Banggood.

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 LAOTIE FX150 Folding Bike is Lanuched With 1500w Powerful Motor
Article Name
LAOTIE FX150 Folding Bike is Lanuched With 1500w Powerful Motor
The LAOTIE FX150 folding bicycle is equipped with a powerful 1500w motor coupled with its large tires that makes it easy to move easily on difficult terrain. It is made of aluminium and the design is classy.

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