The world of smartwatches is always innovating and becoming better. You now have many options to choose from when trying to buy the perfect smartwatch. There is a smartwatch out there that will suit everybody, but you may need to dig deep to find it. The company LEMFO has a few smartwatches available, but there are two that shine above the rest. These are the LEMFO LEM 9 and the LEMFO LEM X. Both of the smartwatches have many of the same features, but only one can be the best.

waterproof smart watch

The smartwatches have a big difference right from the start, and this is pricing. The LEMFO LEM 9 was a little over $15 dollars cheaper than the LEMFO LEM X. This already gives the LEMFO LEM 9 an advantage, but the LEMFO LEM X has some things the other doesn’t. The LEMFO LEM X has a 900 mAh battery, and this battery is larger than the LEM 9’s by 200 mAh. This is a big difference when talking about battery life. LEM X also has a better camera. LEM X’s camera is 8 mp, while the LEM 9 is only 5 mp. The LEM 9 has a more favorable camera location even though it is worse. The LEM 9 can easily take selfies, but the LEM X would have to be turned and risk having to take photos many times for a good one. The LEM X has more favorable looking display because it doesn’t have the number of markings around the screen. These smartwatches have many features in common too. Both of them operate on Android 7.1, and that means you can get newer apps without worry about it being outdated. The watches both offer different display settings so you can choose one that is right for you. It is also a  waterproof smartwatch which is very good for people who like the outdoors. They have many fitness options and offer GPS. The LEM 9 also has some special features just for it. The LEM 9 can last up to 4 days on standby while being used as just a smartwatch, but it can only last 2 days being used as a watch phone. This still beats the LEM X’s one day standby time. The LEM 9 definitely stands out because of its easy use selfie camera as mentioned before.

waterproof smart watch

The LEMFO company has released some of the best smartwatches on the market. The LEM 9 and the LEM X are just two of the best. The LEM X seems to have a lot more features than the LEM 9, but the higher price could drive buyers away. These smartwatches are on the less expensive side for most high-quality ones. The LEMFO company has mastered its craft in smart watchmaking and is only improving.

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