LEMFO LEM9: An Attractively Stylish Smart Watch

Technology has revolutionized the world of electronics and accessories, smart-watches included. Smartwatches are undeniably the ultimate phone accessory, especially in this modern world and age. It can tell you the time, of course, and it can also beam some important notifications right to your wrist. This wearable can also help you track heart rate, and even pay for your breakfast at your favorite restaurant.

Many smartwatches’ companies have unleashed classy gadgets to the world of smartwatches, one company that beat them all is LEMFO. They released the sportiest, lightweight but strong smartwatch that comes with super amazing features to offer you nothing short of the best user experience ever.

Take a look at the review below,  and you will be surprised at the awe-inspiring features that this smartwatch comes with for high performance.



The shipping package comes with the following contents:

-1 LEMFO-LEM9 smartwatch (either Grey or Blue)

-1 USB charging cable

-1 Charging Dock

-1 screwdriver

-1 English version User manual


Design and Body Build

If you are looking for a cool lightweight smartwatch that comes with the sportiest design ever, then look no further as LEMFO-LEM9 offers you exactly that.

The rugged/sport design has to be the most interesting thing about this watch. The Aluminum bezel that it comes with makes it strong and steady, and this is very interesting as it boosts its robustness to falls and impact. And yes, this design gives the smartwatch a desirable beautiful appearance. I am sure such a design is fine for everyone.

Its TPU strap is durable, environmentally friendly, comfortable and yet still skin friendly.

We find two physical buttons on the side, plus a 5 MP camera at the bottom of the screen. It weighs only 72 g. Another plus for this gadget is the fact that its body guarantees you-the end user IP67 waterproofing rating.



LEMFO-LEM9 smart-watch has a 1.39” touch screen AMOLED screen that offers you an impressive 454*454 pixels resolution. This combination of display features is amazing, right?. So, with this watch, you will enjoy clear and crisp graphics.


During its manufacturing, LEMFO-LEM9 is usually loaded with two-chip high-quality architecture, so performance is guaranteed for you. The two chips are MTK6739 and NRF52840. These, when combined with 1 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage capacity, will let you run heavy tasks such as downloading and playing songs, movies, and store pictures without the watch freezing or overheating.

It runs on the latest up-to-date smart-watch Android operating system 7.1.1, so you can have smooth menu transition. Yes, LEMFO-LEM9 is compatible with popular applications. User experience from smartwatches has never been this better.

It also has a heart rate-monitoring feature to help you comfortably track your health fitness statistics anytime, anywhere. Listen to your favorite music on your smartwatch. It comes with an inbuilt Google Play Store which lets you download popular apps straight your watch!

And since it supports GPS, you can enjoy and get fit with the multi-mode sport.



It is yet another interesting thing with LEMFO-LEM9 smartwatch, and obviously the main reason you should get yourself this amazing gadget. It supports 4 G LTE, so you can insert your nano SIM Card at its inbuilt slot and start making independent calls and messages right away. Because it supports high-speed Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi), you will experience no delay when connecting to the web. Other things you can do with its high-speed data transmission include connecting with other Bluetooth devices-comes with Bluetooth 4.0. Finally, you can locate places on Google Maps easily, thanks to GPS positioning that the device supports.



Without a good power backup system, all the above amazing features are futile. We all can agree on that, right?. So LEMFO-LEM9 smart-watch comes with a 600 mAh Li-PO battery that offers you a longer standby time of up to one day. It uses Dock Charging and hits the 100% mark after 3 hours of charging.



-You can easily switch modes anytime you wish

-Two-chip architecture

-Better battery capacity for a longer standby time

-5 MP front camera for great user experience when video chatting

-Its design is waterproof and durable

-Supports 4 G LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, high-speed Wi-Fi, and GPS

-Runs on the latest Android 7.1.1 OS

-Large Memory o 1 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM

-Portable music

-Heart rate measurement

-Multiple sports modes

-Comes with an inbuilt speaker and microphone


Does not support Radio



From the feature analysis above, we can conclude that at $159.99, LEMFO-LEM9 is an excellent smart-watch for everyone as it offers you everything you look for in the modern smart-watch. From letting you make calls, messages chats, video calls, locate places using GPS, listen to music anytime, anywhere, to helping you measure heart rate, all of which are powered by huge battery capacity, what else do you need from a smartwatch. It is a cool gadget with appealing architecture. Go get yourself one.





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