Lightweight 2 Person Tent For Outdoor Camping Travel

Today, I’ d like to share a practical and useful equipment with you, that is lightweight 2 person tent which is ideal and perfect for outdoor camping travel. If you are fond of outdoor camping travel, this tent is a necessary and indispensable equipment for you to have. To know how this tent actually is, you can continue reading.
lightweight 2 person tent
Material: waterproof polyester cloth
Size: 200x140x110cm(unfold), 52x10x12cm(packing), 7.0mm(staypole diameter)
Color: creamy white
Weight: 1.3KG
Capacity: 2 persons
Tent waterproof index: 1200mm-1500mm
Tent bottom waterproof index: 1500-2000mm
lightweight 2 person tent
Coming with an easy to carry bag, suitable for the tent to be placed into
Having a ventilation skylight, well breathable and convenient
Also having a carriage bag in the tent, convenient for you to put personal things
A hook for hang on the light
Gauze to prevent mosquito and insects
lightweight 2 person tent
Durable and easy to carry
Cold resistant and high temperature resistant, ultraviolet-proof
Easily cleaned by using a mild fabric cleaner in warm water
Suitable for campers, cyclists, motorcycle riders, hikers, festival goers and so on

After knowing the above information, you can easily see that this lightweight 2 person tent is a purposely designed high quality practical and helpful equipment for outdoor camping travel. With this tent, you are able to comfortably enjoy your night when you have outdoor activities.

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