How to make your sports life more convenient(part 1)



We are living in the age of wearable technology and smartwatches lead the pack in this category of devices. Online retailers have actually reported a surge in the sale of smartwatches among consumers. In addition to that, athletes are embracing them because of their expanded capability. A great example of these wearable devices is the I4 smart watch. Running on the latest Android OS, this android smartwatch provides convenience and capability for you during your fitness or sporting activities.

By using the I4 smart watch, you can maximize your workouts, sports matches, and outdoor activities. The smart watch phone is designed with athletes in mind. Hence, there are applications within it that can help you to track your fitness, gauge the progress that you make and monitor your performance over time. Here is more about this smart watch.

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Features of the I4 smartwatch


The I4 smart watch has a 1.39-inch circular, curved screen. The bezel is very thin so the watch is elegant. It has a 400 x 400-pixel density. Moreover, it features AMOLED technology. Therefore, the I4 screen is very clear. The watch screen is made of tempered glass. Therefore, it will survive outdoor activities and harsh treatment too.

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Case and strap

The watch has a case made of electroplated aluminum. Moreover, it is fully anodized. Hence, it cannot fade. To ensure that it stays firmly on your wrist as you exercise, the watch has a medical grade TPU strap which is fully adjustable. This waterproof smartwatch is resistant to sweat and dust too.

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Embedded technology

A host of technology features are included in the I4 smart watch phone. It has a 1 GB RAM and 16 GB memory. In addition to that, it has a 350 mAh battery. As such, you can store your favorite songs or videos and enjoy them for a long period of time using this smart watch andriod. Seeing as the smart watch has the latest version of Android installed in it, you can download a wide variety of applications to use in it.

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Special features

The I4 android smartwatch has a built-in heart monitor. It also has a pogo pin charging contact. Furthermore, the smart watch has a secure Nano-SIM card cover section. It is compatible with 3G and WiFi connectivity too.


If you maintain an active life featuring fitness and sport, this bluetooth smart watch can be your best friend. It has features that are designed especially for this purpose.

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