How to make your sports life more convenient(part 2)



Except for the high performance and high-tech smart watch phone, I will also love to recommend another amazing gadgets that will make your sports life so much easier. This little thing is affordable and for those enjoy cycling, it can be said as a must-have.


The BW bike phone holder

Our smartphones are a major part of our lives. We use them for communication, entertainment, and productivity. Therefore, we want to take them with us on the road as we exercise. A common way to get some fitness is riding bicycles. For this, the BW bike phone mount holder comes in handy to hold your smartphone. Here is more about it.

bike phone mount holder

Features of the holder

Heavy duty construction

It is made of heavy-duty rubber, has tight rubber bands and can hold your smartphone firmly no matter how vigorous the ride gets. The bike phone mount is capable of full 360-degree rotation. As such, you can check your phone at any time as you ride.

bike phone mount holder


This bike phone holder is capable of holding a variety of smartphones. For example, you can clamp the Google Nexus, LG G3, iPhone 6 and 6S, HTC and any other smartphones that are between 4.7 and 6 inches in size.

bike phone mount holder

Special features

The BW bicycle phone mount holds your smartphone by its side panels firmly. Moreover, it has a fully adjustable spring clamp which fits on your bike frame. The clamp has a three-prong claw which can hold 3mm to 50mm handlebars. As such, the mount can be used on a variety of bikes. For US$10.99, you can buy this outdoor fitness accessory online at

bike phone mount holder


The smart watch and the BW bike phone mount holder can help you to enjoy your outdoor fitness activities. Both devices are designed to ensure convenience during fitness and the safety of your smartphone. They are available for sale online.


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