Make Sure Xiaomi Folding Bike As Your Daily Transportation

We are lucky in living in an era when can easily use environmentally friendly technology. This is the main reason why there is an increasing demand for the electric folding bike. Jobs commuting by bike is getting popular in several countries, as there are strict regulations in keeping the environment free from pollution. While some people don’t mind pedaling to their office, others prefer to use the electric folding bike, as they might not want to feel too exhausted upon arriving at the office and when they are going back home. They demand the high-quality electric bike that they find it easier to put in the office parking area or other safer place. Without doubt, Xiaomi folding bike series turns out to be the most popular option for busy people, who want to keep the environment clean, without wasting too much time in reaching their destinations.


This manufacturer understands that not all people can easily reach their destination by using the conventional bike. Most of them don’t want to get sweat before meeting important people. At the same time, they are required to use environmentally friendly means of transportation. Xiaomi ensures that all their folding electric bikes are manufactured with the best technology that allows users to pedal conveniently, and keep it safe and neat after usage.

xiaomi folding bike

What’s So Special About Xiaomi Folding Bike

For sure, there are other manufacturers which introduce this kind of bike. But, Xiaomi is proven to be the only brand that guarantees high power and speed that no other similar folding bike can compare. Users can count on its 20km/hour speed from the 250W motor. Exactly what everyone demands on an electric bike. At least, users can reach 50km with the 100pct of electric power. The source power of this bike is using the 18650 lithium-ion battery pack.


Users don’t need to have a driving license in order to use this extraordinary bike, though some countries only permit users who are older than 14 years old to use this. By using this bike, users are free from certain obligations like road tax or registration that applies to vehicles ownership. Of course, wearing the helmet is a necessity.

xiaomi folding bike

Wondering how sturdy the frame is? As a reputable manufacturer, Xiaomi can’t just take this aspect for granted. Nothing is better than using a powerful folding bike that still offers comfort and ensures the best ergonomic structure. The frame is made of aluminum alloy, which ensures lightweight feature that most users enjoy. The chain and arm holder are both very light, so they contribute to users’ convenience during commuting.

xiaomi folding bike

Buyers Satisfaction

The majority of buyers have claimed their satisfaction upon using any series of xiaomi folding bike, thanks to its durability, versatility, and easy maintenance. But, it may be only suitable for people whose weight are not more than 80kgs. All in all, all series of Xiaomi folding bike is worth everyone’s budget.

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