Making Your Sport Life More Convenient With Smartwatches

Wearable tech has come a long way, from allowing you to read text messages on your smartphone to monitoring heart rate. Smartwatches do all this and more. With advances in technology, you will be able to control your home with your smartwatch. Imagine being able to lock and unlock your doors with a smartphone? If that sounds like a scene from the animated sitcom series, The Jetsons, it’s not. Pebble, an innovative smartwatch company has partnered with iControl, a company spearheading home automation, to make smart homes a reality.


With the amazing things smartwatches can do today, the line between these wearable devices and smartphones is increasingly become blurred. So what exactly is a smartwatch?

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What is a Smartwatch?

Smartwatches are predominantly defined as wearable devices equipped with a touchscreen that go on the wrist, and as part of their many functions, they show the time. Simple, right? Smartwatches also accomplish a plethora of other activities such as monitoring the heart rate and tracking workouts. While these two functions do not define the limits of smartwatches, they have made them popular for sports lovers.


Wearing a smartwatch during a workout session makes it possible to monitor the number of miles you run, how many active hours you spend at the gym, monitors your sleep cycle, and even logs your speed during your morning jog. These functions allow you to augment your workout and rest sessions, helping you get closer to your desired health goals.

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Choosing the Right Smartwatch

That said, how should you go about choosing your next touch screen watch? Before you answer that question, there are a few things you need to think about.

  •    Battery Life:The smartwatch you buy spends a great deal of time on your wrist. The inconvenience of having to constantly take it off for a recharge negates all the conveniences of a touch screen watch is supposed to afford. Invest in a smartwatch with sufficient battery life to get you through your daily activities. Also, you should know that models with a battery life of a few days normally come with a black and white display, which can be a downside especially if you intend to use multiple apps on the watch.


  •    Fitness tracking:If you are a fitness buff, you want a smartwatch with the full range of fitness tracking abilities. Look for a watch with a heart rate monitor, a GPS, and a pedometer at the very least.


  •    Water resistance:Wearable technology is usually exposed to most of the elements. Moisture in the form of sweat and water will most definitely invade your touch screen watch. Make sure it can handle daily moisture exposure.


  •    App availability:Lastly, the app ecosystem for the particular smartwatch should be extensive enough to support your day-to-day needs. Make sure you put a smartwatch through its paces to make sure it supports an extensive array of applications so that you don’t have to shop for a new touch screen watch every time you need new functionality on your watch.

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Smartwatches are bringing more convenience to everyday life. We would love to hear how you use your smartwatch in the comments.



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