Methods Of Utilizing Mini Pocket Pen Shape Fishing Rod Reel

Mini pocket pen shape fishing rod reel is a useful and practical fishing tackle for people who are fond of fishing. This fishing rod reel can do you great favor if you apply it for fishing. The following will show you the methods of utilizing this fishing rod ree in details.

aluminum alloy fishing rod

aluminum alloy fishing rod

Before utilizing the fishing rod reel, it is important to understand the features of it. This fishing rod reel is made of glass fiber and aluminum alloy with high quality, suitable for fishing from a boat, a dam or on ice. There are various color of fishing rod reel available for you to select, such as red, golden, yellow, purple, silver, white, blue and black. You can choose your favorite color based on your interests. This mini pocket pen shape fishing rod reel is portable, compact and light weighted, only weighing 56g, to make it easy for use. It fits pocket, glove box, briefcase, backpack. You can fish anytime and anywhere with this world smallest fishing rod reel.

In terms of utilizing the fishing rod reel, you must know how to install this fishing rod reel. Here is the reel installation instruction for you. Firstly, you should open your pen rod by taking off the cap. Then, you can simply insert the reel between the two grooves on the pen. Finally, you need to twist the screw down to tighten the reel onto the rod. With the assistance of the correct reel installation instruction, you are able to make full use of the fishing rod reel for fishing more.

After knowing the features of the mini pocket pen shape fishing rod reel and the methods of installation, you can make great progress of making most of the fishing rod reel for fishing. After familiar with the fishing rod reel, you can surely enjoy the fun of fishing.

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