MIKING Power Tower Review

The power tower matches the power rack training load. The Power Rack is the foundation of any serious weightlifting experience. For those who rely on the body, they are trained in, the Tower of Strength does the same job.
Finding the best power tower for your needs can mean the difference between training success and failure. With the right equipment, you can exercise with more weight than you can only do with your arms and legs. In this article, we will review the MIKING Power Tower.

Power station

Design and Build

This device has a maximum weight of 200 kg. It is made of a strong steel tube and padded armrest and backrest for maximum user comfort. The handlebar is covered with a non-slip grip.

Power station


The dive stations are 38.6 from each other and 40 from the floor, making them suitable for users at almost any height.

The padded arms and backrest of the vertical knee lift station are extremely comfortable, and the non-slip handle of the extendable station makes it ideal for chin lifts and chin lifts with a wide, tight grip.

Additionally, the retractable strap is 82.6 above the floor, up to 4 inches taller than many others on the market, making it a bonus for taller users.

While all the support stations are fairly simple, the Miking Power Tower works flawlessly and is easy to use thanks to the molded handles. Like the calf raise station, it’s a simple but fully functional place.

Ease of Assembly

Assembling the Weider Power Tower was fairly easy, although there were a few issues marked by the holes not being perfectly aligned.

Therefore, it is recommended that you wait until everything is fully seated before tightening all the screws completely. Some users have also complained that the packaging was damaged in shipping or that the fasteners were mixed up.

Due to its size, this element must be installed in the room to be used because it is too wide to fit through a standard door frame.

Adjustable Pull-Up Bar

The pull-up station is height-adjustable in 5 levels and can be adjusted in multiple gears to suit your training needs.

Power station

Multifunctional fitness equipment

This reusable power tower can effectively train the shoulders, arms, waist, buttocks, and legs. You can do vertical knee lifts and drops, pull-ups, and push-ups whenever and wherever possible. Perfect for adults, fitness enthusiasts.

Power station

Comfortable Stand Workout station

The electric tower has a stable backrest and elbow pads that effectively relieve pressure on the spine, corrects limb movement, prevent sports injuries.


This is a great addition to any home gym, especially for the price. As long as you can fit your size, you can’t go wrong with your 200 kg. Weight limit, extension height, stable construction, and stability. Purchase all your fitness equipment at the Banggood 15th Anniversary which started August 25th and will end September 13th. Buy items at the lowest rates and get up to 85% discount. Banggood is the global leading online shop; passion shopping on Banggood.

MIKING Power Tower Review
Article Name
MIKING Power Tower Review
Power stations are very helpful fitness equipment that assists in performing various manner of exercises. Getting a good power station can be a daunting task, that's why in this article, we will be reviewing one of the best power stations out there; MIKING Power Station

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